What does it mean when a girl that has been talking to you for awhile all of a sudden stops talking to you?


It means probalby the unfortunate, that either she has found somebody else or she just lost intrest in you. Girls are really fickle creatures. But analize the last words you said to her, if you think that they mightve hurt her feelings and you really want her back you should cal hre and appoligize.

There's two ways this can be interpreted: she either "likes-like" you, or she's -- regretfully -- lost interest in you.

I'll explain myself.

Regarding the first way. Basically, some girls like to play "hard to get". Woah, what was that not-so foreign phrase I just used? Uh, yeah, that's right: HARD. TO. GET. (And if the phrase isn't self-explanatory enough, then I'll explain it simply; it means they want the BOY/GIRL to keep chasing after them with whatever and give them attention whilst they do nothing. Um, not explained well enough? Hm... I suck at this.)

So, maybe the girl's playing "hard to get"? Maybe she wants you to keep pestering her with messages so she knows you care? Maybe she just wants your attention? Girls (and boys, for that matter) are really strange creatures with messed up hormones and minds; of course what they do is going to be bewildering and, at times, annoying.

So it's up to you what you do. Will you keep chasing this girl, or is she not really worth the effort? To be fair, it's an annoying game in which you can "get the girl", but then it'd result in you wrapped around her finger. Or maybe it won't. Who knows?

Yes, unfortunately, she may NOT be interested. Perhaps, simply, you're not "satisfying her needs", or whatever trivial excuse she has. Additionally, she may be going through a rough time, so she may just want her space. Or, on the other hand, she might find your messages annoying. ;_;

BUT that's not your fault! If she's being like that, stop talking to her; she's not worth it. Eventually-- and I KNOW this from experience-- she'll begin regretting not responding to you, but you'd have moved on then, right?