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She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl who is a friend kisses you and another guy but has a boyfriend?
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Related questions

If your boyfriend gets pissed and out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

uhm, ya! if he kisses any girl ya that's cheating mad or not

What if a guy hugs you and hugs a girl and kisses her?

If he kisses another girl, then he probably likes her, hugs are sometimes a sign of friend ship :)

If your boyfriend gets out of his head and kisses another girl is that cheating?

yes if he does that dump his zero and get a hero

What should you do if a friend is trying to break-up a girlfriend and boyfriend and she is getting another girl to work with her in this?

If your friend is working with another girl to try and break you and your boyfriend up, she is not your friend. The best thing to do is make your boyfriend aware of their game and ignore them both.

What does it mean when a girl who is a friend kisses you sometimes and other times doesn't want to kiss you but has a boyfriend?

She has a crush on you even though she has a boyfriend and can not decide who she likes best! Your best option is if you like her do not get in the friend zone! But if you don't get in the friend zone!

If a guy kisses a girl's hair?

Depends who the guy is. If hes a boyfriend hes just playing. If its a friend then he probably fancies you.

If you have a friend that has a boyfriend and another girl likes her boyfriend what do you do?

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

What if your boyfriend or girl friend cheats on you what would you do?

If your girl friend cheats on you then the guy has to dump her after he finds out who it is. But she cheats on a girl then theres a problem. And if your boyfriend cheats on you or is crushing on another girl just dump him but ask him if he likes another girl first instead of dumping him if you do not know.

What do you do when your boyfriend kisses another girl?

Ask him about it. If he's cheating on you break up with him, because that shows he doesn't respect you.

Does touching a girl's hair make her happy or uncomfortable?

From a close friend or a boyfriend a girl wouldn't mind. If its from a girl to another girl she may not like it. Also if you are not particularly close friends. Just be careful because for a girl to let another person do that usually they have to be a boyfriend or an old friend.

What do you do when your boyfriend has been faithful for 3 weeks then you see him blowing kisses to another girl and he says he blows kisses to a lot of girls just as friends?

He flirts with other girls!

What if your boyfriend denies who you are to friends?

Then be suspicious. He may have another girl friend.

You like you friend but she has a boyfriend and she says she only likes you as a friend but gets jealous when you're with another girl?

she wants you to still be in love with her, even if she has a boyfriend.

Boy you like kisses another girl?

If a boy you like kisses another girl, if you really like him be happy for him!

How can you control your jealously when your boyfriend talks to a girl friend?

Go cheat on him with another guy.

Does your guy friend like you if he kisses another girl and then asks you did you have a problem with it?

He either is trying to make you jealous or he doesn't want you to be jealous

What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you but you still love your boyfriend?

It depends on if the kiss you had with this other person meant anything to you? and also if the kiss your boyfriend had with this other girl also meant anything. If none of the kisses meant anything then your relationship should be fine as it was just a kiss and you both still love each other.

Do you have a boyfriend or girl friend?


If a boy kisses a girl then tells another girl he loves her who does he like?

He likes the girl he kisses unless it was an he didn't mean to kiss that girl. or he likes the girl he kisses and lies and says he like someone else

What do you do if your guy friend and girl friend like each other but the guy is trying to go out with another girl to be funny and your girl friend does not know and the other girl REALLY likes him?

tell your girlfriend and then go to your boyfriend and say all the good things about your girlfriend

How do you know if your guy friend has feelings for you but he never tells you n he kisses you n all that?

usually if a guy kisses a girl that means that they have feelings for that girl

What do you do when your friend broke up with her boyfriend for hugging another girl when he did not?

I think she wanted to break up with him anyway.

How do you get a girl that's already got a boyfriend?

You shouldn't be trying to go out with a girl that already has a boyfriend. You have to respect the fact that she is with another guy and respect him and her. You can be her friend and that's it. If she knows that you like her and she likes you back she should know what to do, if she wants to be with you or her boyfriend.

Your girl friend kisses you in the lips what that means?

that means she likes you. . . .? . . .

Can a girl get pregnant if another girl kisses on her lips?

The answer is no she cant.