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Most independent women wouldn't allow a guy to flirt with other girls. If he's steady dating you then he's no longer a free male to flirt or date others (this applies to young women as well.) Tell him to knock it off and if he doesn't then ditch him! he's not interested in you, ALONE. some guys can't live with just one girl. i tell you, BOYS ARE ALL THE SAME. better date someone who had lots of ex-girlfriend, believe me! its hard to explain.. but my aunt told me once. (he's husband had a lot of ex-girlfriend before in their teenage years and now he's very loyal to her) so STOP wasting time on that guy! he'll do no good to you. :)

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Q: What does it mean when a guy acts like he is interested but still flirts with other girls and what do you do?
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Does a guy likes me if he helps me carry your bag if im not there sits beside me during meals and sometimes pay a small sum for me But he still flirts a little with other girls?

He can still like you even if he flirts with other girls. I would say that he does like you seeing as he is looking after you. It seems that he is close to you and I would bet that he flirts with you differently than he does with the other girls. He wouldn't go to all that trouble for just anybody.

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

If she still flirts with you, go and talk to her friends and see if she talks about you or if she told them she wants to get back together with you.

Does your ex still like you if he flirts with you and told people who told you that he still likes you?

Yes, because whenever a guy flirts with you it either means they like you or they are just being flirty. But if this ex still flirts with you and tells other people that he likes you obviously that means he still has feelings for you. Yes, because whenever a guy flirts with you it either means they like you or they are just being flirty. But if this ex still flirts with you and tells other people that he likes you obviously that means he still has feelings for you.

How can you tell your boy friends still likes you?

well if he flirts with you or says I love u with a smile and he never looks at other girls wile u are around.

What do do you do when you fancy the school flirt but he goes out with someone else who you find VERY annoying but still flirts a lot with other girls?

Flirt back who knows , you might score.

Man is in committed relationship with a woman but he is still interested in dating other girls?

He wants to try something that you havent done

You really like this guy but he has a lot of friends that your girls so how do you know if he likes you?

If he flirts with you more than he flirts with anyboy else, if he constantly stares, if he leaves those girls to come over and talk to you, you may be able to tell by how he smiles at you or looks you in the eyes. He may only do one of those things, but there is still a chance that he still likes you.

How does romeo react to benvolio's advise to look for other girls?

He says he'll go along but he'll still be more interested in Rosaline.

Why does a guy break off a relationship and still love you?

He may be afraid of committing. Or he might be in love with you but finds himself still interested in other girls and wants to test his options.

How can you tell if he is not over you?

if you catch him sraring at you, then he still wants you. And if he flirts with girls right in front of you.... he is trying to make you jelouse. And if he intentionally brags to other guys about girls that he has been with seince the split, he is trying to also make you jelouse. Even though he will NEVER admitt it!!!!! lol.

Why would the girl you like be jealous of other girls talking to you if she said shes not interested?

Although the girl says she is not interested, she probably still feels flattered that you like her and wants to keep your attention because she is insecure.

How do you know she is still interested in you?

flurt with other girls and if she tells them off tell here that you thought she was not into you!? if she doesnt dont show that you what her and kiss a HOT girl where she can see you.

What if you're ex tells you he loves you again and still flirts with other girls?

Your ex simply is arrogant and full of himself. Not only does he not know what love is he has no respect for women. Consider yourself lucky that he is your ex and keep it that way. If you are smart you will move on and leave this ex behind.

Why do some girls get jealous if their ex boyfriends flirts with one of their good friends?

Becaue it's all about competition, and girls all want to be the most desired, and when they see their ex boyfriends flirting with other girls it hurts their confidence. They may or may not have feelings for this guy, but they still want him to consider them attractive. It's a control issue.

Signs you still have a shot with your ex?

She still flirts, smiles, winks, or touches you.

Your boyfriend spends like no time with u and flirts with all the girls should u break up with him?

You should tell him that you do not like it. If he does not understand still, break up with him.

Should you stay with this boy that likes Mexicans and flirts in front of you all the time do you think he likes you?

Whats the matter with liking Mexicans. As long as they are good people and arent doing anything illegal. If your talking that he likes Mexican girls, that's still ok. Its not cool that he flirts in front of you or with out you. If you two are a couple then he is disrespecting you doing this. He sounds immature and confused, its up to you if you stay with him but you most likely will get hurt.AnswerI wouldn't stay with a guy who flirts with other girls in front of you. It is very disrespect to you when he does that. I see a lot of guys do that. I've had guys try and flirt with me when they are with someone else and I think it's just plain rude. In my opinion a guy that flirts with others in front of his girlfriend is a jerk.

How can you tell if someone really still loves you?

if there still playing with you n if they still call you n flirts with you

What does it mean when a guy tells you that he likes you and you say you like someone else and he stops talking to you as much but he still flirts?

hey i think hes trying to get you back. be his friend but clarify that your not interested and want it how it was before!

Does Khalil Sharieff have a girl friend?

No, Tonight on ustream he is SINGLE and that is he is ready to mingle but, he is mainly interested in older women but, still interested do like younger girls as well.

You really like this guy and hes dating someone else but he still flirts with you what should you do?

Well you should tell the person he's dating that he flirts with you and get the girl to ask him why he does it. The guy might then admit he likes you and dump the girl. You can then ask him out but you should probably wait a week ish for the girls sake.

If a girl tells other people your just friends but still flirts with you does she like you?

Better just ignore her,yes if not she is playing not always.. but its possible

What do you do when your still in love with your ex boyfriend and your best friend flirts with him?

kill her

Well what do you do if you asked her out and she never gave me an answer?

am..ask her for the last time...and if she still doesn't give u an answer then just forget her...there are many other girls who would be a lot more interested to go out with u..;)

When you ask your ex if he before was interested in you and he doesnt answer Is he still interested?

yes he is still interested but his too afraid too say it because his not sure if your still interested or not.