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One did she go to the movies or not. If she went then she is a cheater, If she did not then she loves her man and would do nothing to hurt him.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy asks your girlfriend to go to the movies and she tells a friend she was asked to go but doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend?
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Why can't your boyfriend go to the movies with you?

the most typical reasons a boyfriend won't go to the movies with this girlfriend is because he is either busy, or he just dosnet like you anymore.

Are Bonnie Wright and daneil Radcliffe boyfriend and girlfriend?

In the movies, yes, in Real LIfe, no

Is there any movies with a boy's friend falling for his friend sister?

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What is a boyfriend girlfriend relationship in 7th grade?

um going to movies hanging out together wat ever your parents are comfortable with

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seems..but i feel they just rumors or for promoting the movies, because of the sudden breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

What if your friend has some sort of obsession She likes your guy friend who has a girl friend and she wants her to bug off but they want you to come to the movies with them and what should I do?

dont go tothe movies with the guy you like i bad for your reputation.tell him you you have better things to do than hang out with him and his hoe girlfriend ya digg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How do you turn your girlfriend into a girlfriend?

ask her out to the movies or something!

Should you be worried if your boyfriend said he is at the movies with a female friend and they're going out to dinner. Then he later told you he saw the movie alone and met the female friend at dinner?

If you knew beforehand and agreed that he could go to the movies and out for dinner with his female friend then there is nothing wrong if he went to the movies alone as she may have had to work late and couldn't go to the movies with him so meeting him for dinner would be acceptable. If you did not know your boyfriend was meeting his female friend to go to the movies and out for dinner then he is lying to you. If he wasn't hiding anything he could have asked you to join them for the movie and dinner. Let him know you do not share your boyfriends with other women. Probably his first remark will be that they are just friends, but do not buy that excuse because he should be taking you out to the movies and dinner.

What does 'going out' with a guy mean?

it can mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend or it could mean like will you go out with me to the movies for like a one time depends on the guy and the situation

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ok, what you can do is say you are going to a friends house or meeting your friend at the movies or at a local place and really meet your boyfriend there.

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How do you ask a 7th grade guy out to the movies?

It really depends. If he is your friend then just ask him if he wants to go with you, but if he is a boyfriend ask your parents and his parents. If they are ok with it then go for it!

Is going to the movies with a girl who isn't your girlfriend cheating?

Here is how you decipher cheating: If your girlfriend knows nothing about it then it's cheating. If you have nothing to hide then tell your girlfriend this girl is a friend (if she is) and you're going to a movie. Hopefully you have a very understanding girlfriend. If this girl you are going to the movies with is of interest to you then be a man and break up with your girlfriend now! Cheating is ugly, it hurts your partner when they don't deserve it and it shows immaturity and dishonesty on your part. You know when you are doing something wrong!

You want to take your girlfriend to the movies how do you tell your parents?

Just tell them. There is nothing wrong with taking your girlfriend to the movies, unless you have REALLY strict parents.

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Girlfriend, its time to take charge and pput matters into your own hands! Talk to him and make sure he follows through!

How do you ask your boyfriend do go on a double date with you?

Just say something along the lines of "Hey -boyfriendsname-, I was thinking if you want to go hang out with -friend- and -friendsboyfriend- at the movies on friday."