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It means that he should see a doctor.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy bleeds from his penis after having an erection?
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What does it mean when your penis jumps?


What does 'I got a erection' mean?

It means an erection of the penis.

What does it mean when a guy says he had a erection?

His penis was erect.

What is hard O?

A hard o? I think you mean a "Hard on", Well a Hard on means Your penis is getting "bigger" or your having an "Erection"

What does errection mean?

An erection means a man's penis becomes large and hard.

What is a penis bonner?

I believe you mean a "Boner"its a Slang word meaning an Erection (where the blood flows into the penis making it Hard)

What is irrection?

I'm pretty sure that you mean erection, and an erection is when the male penis, during arousal, fills with blood and becomes hard and upright.

Where is source of a man's hard on?

If you mean an erection of the penis, this due to the fact that blood engorges the penis, means it goes into the penis but prevented from leaving. This causes a temporary erection. This is one reason that men with heart disease or high blood pressure have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. When the man loses the erection, whether through masturbation, sexual intercourse, or cold shower, the blood slowly leaves the penis. An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours or becomes painful is a medical emergency.

What does it mean when a guys penis gets hard?

They get a boner or erection. Useally when the male is sexually aroused

What does it mean when a male bleeds while peeing?

If male bleeds while peeing, he must be having hematuria a sign of urinary tract infection.

What does it mean if a dog's penis is swollen?

When a dog has a full erection his penis becomes a lot larger than when non-erect. It may just look swollen to you.

What does getting nob mean?

pitching a tent, getting a boner, having an erection.

What does sporting a chubby mean?

a male being sexually aroused, and having an erection

What does penis discharge mean?

It means that there is something leaking out of your penis when you are not urinating or having sex.

What does it mean when you lose your erection before sex at eighteen?

That you should not be having sex at eighteen.

What does it mean when a boy say he's hard?

It simply means he is having an erection so his penis is harder then usual and it can be rather uncomfortable or embarassing ( Though if he told you this then I'm sure hes not shy ) for some guys and you can often see it.

Does having larger feet mean that you have a bigger penis?

No, that is a myth.

What does it mean to have a boner?

When someone says they have a boner it means they have an erection which is when your penis gets longer and harder. There is not actually a bone in the penis, but it can feel like it. Other similar terms include "woody", or "stiffie.

Chop the morning wood mean?

Morning wood is waking up with an erection. Chopping the morning wood means having sex with your girl. AS LONG AS YOU STILL HAVE THE ERECTION!

If a man's penis is sticking up what does it mean?

The man is sexually aroused, and is experiencing an erection.An erection means that a man is sexually aroused, and is ready to make babies with a female means your turned on or just plain horny! Hard-ons are natural. The penis is suppose to stick up when your aroused.

What do you mean by erect?

To erect a building means to build or put up a building. An erection however generally refers to a stiff (erect) penis

If you are a boy who gets erections from his dads genitals should you tell him?

You mean - you accidently saw your dad's penis & got an erection? You probably shouldn't tell him that you got aroused by seeing his penis. If your dad is exposing himself to you, or touching you with his penis, he should be reported.

What does it mean when a male dog bleeds from his penis?

This could be related to several different infections. I would take your dog to see a vet. The sooner the easier to treat.

What does it mean if a man can only get an erection from direct stimulation of his penis and not from visual or other forms of stimulation?

It does not mean a great deal. Merely that he has more self control than many adolescents.

What does it mean if a man loses his erection during sex?

your not getting enough blood to your penis you need to stop for abit and use the hand you may have lost interest because you have been having sex for too long or you may have lost interest with the one you are having sex with you maybe interested in someone else you maybe guilty