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it might mean that he doesn't want to tell you that he likes you or that he likes you as a friend not a girlfriend. but to find out if he likes you maybe ask his friend if he talks about you or who does he like.

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What does it mean if guys like you?

If a guy likes you it means that he is attracted to you and wants to hang out with you and get to know you a little bit better.

What causes the ranch hands to get mean after a little while in of mice and men?

Curley is a liittle guy and little guys like picking on big guys(Lennie). He likes picking fights.

What do guys mean when they tese you?

If a guy is teasing you, usually it means he likes you.

If a guys friend says his friends likes you and the guy that likes you gets all embrassed does that mean he likes you?

probably, it normally mean that the guy who likes you is too shy to tell you himself but has told his friend

When a guys hugs you what does that mean?

When a guy hugs you it means that he really likes you and he cares about you.

If a guy is meanto you does that mean he likes you?

Yes one guy might be mean and like you but sometimes the guys be mean just for stupid reasons.

What does it mean when they say a guy is bi?

When a guy is "bi"or bisexual it means that the person likes girls AND other guys.

What does it mean if a guys lets you wear his sweater?

It means he's a good guy and he likes you.

If a guys friend says you should date them with them standing next to him does that mean that guy likes you?

If you tell your friends and they say he probably likes you, and that guys friend says you should go out with him that guy probably likes you. But sometimes it doesn't always mean that. It just means that guys friend thinks you should go out with him, like his opinion.

What if your guy friend teases you and tries to get you to touch him Does that mean he likes you?

yuppppppppp if he annoys you he likes you! that is what all guys do! trust me i know!!!!!!!!

If a guy calls you his home girl does that mean he likes you?

Yes, it means he likes you as a friend, like a homeboy or one of the guys.

What does it mean If a guy thinks your a little cute?

That your a little cute. He likes you a tiny bit.

What does it mean if a guys friends say he likes you?

It means the guy has feelings for you but was too afraid to admit them.

If the guy acts like a guy but would like to get with a guy What sign should you be looking?

You catch him checking out the guys' arses instead of the girls' That he likes to watch the guys' at football practice a little too often

What does it mean when a guy talks louder when your in the room?

It probably means he likes you and he wants you to notice him. He might even be showing off a little for you. This is totally normal for some guys. Other guys will clam up when they like you and you enter a room. It just depends on the guy.

Why do guys flirt by being mean to you?

there is this really cute guy i know and he likes me and hes mean to me and it because he likes me and he doesn't like people knowing it that's why !

What do you call a guy who does not like girls?


What does it mean when a guy says xoxo?

Not too much, but maybe that he likes you a little.

If a boy is mean to you is it true he likes you?

No it is not the case. The guy who likes or loves you can never be mean to you. Selfish guys who think about themselves a lot are always mean. Not all the time but some times it is

What does that mean if the guy you like doesn't want you to know he likes you?

What does that even mean? No guys don't act like that, trust me! unless, you are of course, a freaking gorgeous chick who can make every guy stare at you when guys first encounter. That's like, 1/1000th possibility. The guy would then approach you anyhow. and show that he likes you. so if a guy likes you, he would not want you to not know! or unless you guys are friends, and think you don't feel the same way about him!

If you saw a girl blush a lot does that mean she likes the guy?

Girls tend to blush around guys they like.

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