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It can mean alot of things. Your probably thinking and hoping that he keeps looking at you because he likes you. Well, that's not always the case, no matter how much you feel that he likes you. It can mean.. -That YOUR the one who keeps looking at him, so he takes quick glances to see if your still looking at him. (He feels very uncomfortable with the fact that you keep staring at him) -It can be that you are interesting to him in any sort of way. EX:He might think your nose is too big. It's just like the way ignorant people like to stare at retarded people. -Or it could be he looks at everyone that way. Guys dont like getting caught staring. You think he would just continue staring at you after you look at him?! NO! That's weird! If he does like you, he'll smile while looking at you..

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Q: What does it mean when a guy is around you a lot one week glancing at you quickly and then the next week you are almost oblivious to him?
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