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This is going to sound horrible, but it sounds like what I did to my ex. We talked about kids and a future together, but the fact was, I was over him. I just didn't know what exactly to say and how to say it. Maybe you should try to find out what's really going on, or try to distance yourself.

Answerthat could me two things he doesn't like to cuddle or he's cheating but if you notice he comes home at late hours then he's suposse to then ask him were have you've been @ IF HE TKES A WHILE THEN THATS YOUR HINT LEAVE HIM SND FIND SOMEONE NEW

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Ok, i went through somewhat of a similar situation... just know that it's never your fault - or so I'm told by my guy friend(s) it also depends on the guy and his dating history - but, if he's being more distant with you or you feel like you're being ignored it's probably because he wants space and if he's talking about the future perhaps he's trying to make you feel secure and assure that he hasn't lost feelings for you. The best advice I can give is to confront him about it - but, make sure not to be too naggy or ask constantly (guys get annoyed by that, when you show insecurity) - and if he says things are fine take his word for it and just work on spending more time on you, when he's done being distant he'll come back to you.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy is suddenly distant meaning no cuddling or much kissing but says that the relationship is fine and talks about a possible future together?
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