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What does it mean when a guy likes you but still has feelings for his ex does he really like you or are you the rebound?


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Yuo are the rebound . If he still has feelings for his ex you are definatley the rebound .

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This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.

still likes you has feelings for you wants to be with you again

If that person is dating someone they may just be trying to get you jealous. If he really did have true feelings for you he still likes you. You will know if he still likes you or not. Its a natural thing. Lets hope he does!

That means that he never really lost feelings about you when you broke up. You are his key to the lock in his heart.

She may not really like you, or is still too uneasy about the relationship. Ask her, but respect her feelings.

then she really really likes you, the only reason she "ignored" you is because she could be rather shy or is still trying to get over that she told you her feelings(which is extremely difficult for a girl to do) :)

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

Sakura Haruno likes sasuke but sometimes in Shippuden she starts having some feelings for Naruto at times But she still likes Sasuke

If he spends time with them and is constantly talking with them or about them chances are he is still harbouring feelings for them. If you do see this behaviour and realize he does in fact still want her its best to let them go sort out their feelings as they cannot be committed to you in anyway until he deals with his feelings for her - basically you would be a rebound.

The guy still likes you but he is just too shy to share his feelings. Maybe the personhe likes has a crush on someone else he cant share his feelings.

If you still like him dont hide your feelings from him, specially if he is not hiding his feelings from you! and i already did that he was to shy to admit he likes me back. -renessmee_cullen

Yes Inuyasha likes kagome but he still have feelings for Kikiyo.

If you still have feelings for her you to should get back together.

I think you should talk to her and see if she gets mad if she really cares about your feelings then she'll go along with it, but if she doesn't then she doesn't care about your feelings. I have always think that true friendship can go through anything, if you think your bbf's bf still likes her then stay away, but if he doesn't then what's wrong with you liking him?

Yes. She thinks he likes her back but he still REALLY likes Clare.

I don't know if a year gone by can be considered a rebound, but it may have more to do with your feelings after the breakup. Rebound relationships are usually defined as dating someone while still bouncing back from losing another person. But you left your ex-husband, so chances are, a year later, you're not on the rebound anymore. But, of course, only you would know whether you were or not.

Naruto thinks that she is joking about her feelings for him and that he believes she still likes sasuke

Kagome likes Inuyasha better, she does not like Koga. But Koga really likes Kagome, and she still really likes them both

The only person who can really answer this question is him BUT I think he still likes you and his feelings are just hurt right now

It means that he still has feelings for you but doesn't want to date you so is trying really hard to act like he doesn't.

ask her outor go out in secretor talk to the other boyfind the other boy a girlfriendjust go out if you dont like himTHREESOME ;) jokes :P

It is really hard to figure out if your ex still has feelings for you, but you should not make them think you are wondering if he still has feelings for you. You should also try your best to remain friends because it is really stupid when you end a friendship or relationship and then completely forget about each other.

She still has feelings... But it is trapped down inside her heart looking for a way out... If you can help her to get that feeling, you need to make her feel really special to you

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