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It means that he likes you and he wants to know if you like him back.

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It means that he wants more attention, or you don't love him, or he wants you to have sex with him.

It means that he wants to meet you and wants to take it slow...SO DONT PUSH IT!!!

when a girl says she really dont know what she wants in a relationship i think it means that she really dont want to have a relationship with anyone right now but on the other hand i dont know.

well, it depends. If he wants wants you then, take it slow. If you have a crush on him as well. But if he means lets be bf and gf then he wants your company. Dont do anything drastic and youll be fine

desire means you have to have it like cloths wants are things that u dont eggzacly need so um yeah

It means he LIKEs you! but if he slaps your butt and said im so srry i didnt mean to do that then he doesnt

It means she wants a fight. She is flirting, but she wants you to chase after her.

i dont no waht my name means help me

naw that means that he dont think your a dirty skank

It means she wants the D IT REALLY BADLY.

one of the disadavntge is complexity which i dont no what it means help me.

it means you need to see a doc to ask for help....

I dont now what it means can someone help me

Dont do it! Do not give in! Chavs are the uneducated common scum of the earth!

it probably means that he just wants to be friends! dont take it tooo seriously! :D

It basically means that her feelings have changed towards your relationship and may not want to be with you anymore.

He wants someone with natural beauty (so that means dont mess your looks with piercings

It just means that he wants to hang out with you sometime. Dont stress he just thinks you are cool and he wants to get to know you some more

i dont know what it means so please help me ot here.

to help the people who dont know what the word 'me' means!!

It means that she has feelings for you and wants to be more then just friends. but dont worry, if you dont feel the same, all you have to say is: i dont think we are right for each other or im sorry but no thanks. :)

if she calls you or try to meet you somewhere when u dont call her or dont hang out with her anymore means she misses and wants to be with but sometimes it means she just doesnt want someone else to get u no love son no love

If he wants to break up and you dont that means even if the relationship last it would not work out. Do you want to spend the rest of your life crying to your friends when he cheats on you or decides not to call you again. If both of you can't come to an agreement then there is no use of the relationship

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