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Some men are just girl shy even though they may only like you. There is a possibility he could care for you more, but I'd take it slow and easy and not jump to conclusions. If you like him then you ask him out. Marcy i think that means he thinks your cute but doesnt know how to talk to you so he wants to wait for you to make it some men our like that like my soon to be husband he would say hi and look at me but was to shy to ask me out so i ask him and we have been together for 2 yeahs and about to be the rest of our lives so if your interested in him you make the first move

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Q: What does it mean when a guy says hi and stares quickly at you by the elevator but once you are alone with him he doesn't say anything?
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Iam at the elevator waiting for it a girl is walking up to the elevator she's pretty far away from the elevator the elevator comes i go in then she runs in and while we are in she stares at me?

i will say thank you

What does that mean if the guy you like stares at you and says hi to you when you look at him?

it doesnt really mean anything.... he is just being polite.... du u get me??...

How can you tell if a guy likes you but says he doesnt?

when he stares you down!!

If a guy goes past your classroom and looks in does it mean he likes you?

If he stares, and quickly looks away when he looks at you, then yes. If he just stares, and stares, and stares and doesn't even flinch when you look at him, then no.

There's a boy that stares at me but im not the only one he stares at what does that mean?

He is probably one of those guys who just stares around at anything.

What does mean if a guy stares at you a lot but it seems like he doesnt like you?

He likes you.

Guy stares at you in class when you catch him he doesnt stop hes very kind to you you find out he has a girlfriend but he still stares at you anyway What does it mean?

He'd rather be with you.

What if a guy stares at you then looks away quickly when you look in his direction does he like you?


Does it mean anything when a guy stares at you?

It means he is studying you, when the male species stares at you he is finding a good way to attack its prey.

Guy doesnt talk but stares at you?

you should probably just ask around and see what he likes about you

What does it mean when a guy stares at you but doesnt smile?

He thinks you're acting stupid, he thinks your pretty, or he likes you.

What does it mean if the same guy constantly stares at you?

he is probably interested in you but too shy to say anything. the comment above me ,, but he constantly stares , me and him are interested in the same sports and i kindaa like him , should i do anything??

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