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he likes you get it girl yea and if he doesnt he is an idiot.. just kidding it means he thinks ur beautiful

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What actors and actresses appeared in When the Smiling Stops - 2013?

The cast of When the Smiling Stops - 2013 includes: Chiz Schultz as Edward Naman Yash Goyal as Sophia

What does it mean when a guy flirted with you a lot and suddenly stops by not talking smiling and ignores you but still stares at you from a distance?

it probably means that he likes you but, he is scared that you are going to be mad at him if you know. so, for now, he probably keeping some space.

Does a fly hit the windshield when a car stops suddenly?


What does cardiac arrest mean?

It is when the heart suddenly stops functioning.

Why do you fall in the forward direction if a moving bus stops suddenly and fall in the backward direction if it suddenly accelerates from rest?


What if your period suddenly stops?

1st thing I might think of is : I am pregnant.

If you are in a car that suddenly stops your body keeps moveing because it has?


Someone who suddenly stops smoking is said to quit how?

cold turkey

A seat belt helps you when your car stops suddenly by providing a?


When you are in a car the stops suddenly and when your body keeps moving what is that called?


Why your Chrysler 2000 LHS suddenly stops it restarts and drive for a while and it stops again?

Maybe its a bad EGR valve

What does that mean if the guy you like suddenly stops saying hi to you but only stares at you for a long time for a few times in class?

that means he likes you but he doesn't want to show it to the whole class. GOOD LUCK!!!

Can you be pregnant if your period suddenly stops?

It would depend if you mean stops as in you don't get another period the following month or stops in the middle of a period. if your periods stop and your next one hasn't come then chances are very high that you could be pregnant, however if you have your period and it suddenly stops then chances are you just have a short period this month. goodluck

What will happen if earth suddenly stops revolving around the sun?

we would die :I

What does it mean when a boy suddenly stops talking to you?

he dnt like u ovs

Will biotic resources ever be extinct?

ok u should not be saying that but no biotic resources will not be extinct unless the circle of life suddenly stops also the ratio of 1 death to 3 births may increase.

Hot water heater is working but suddenly stops delivering any water?

Is this "suddenly" like after your daughter takes a shower for 65 minutes?

What does it mean if a guy flirts with you then just suddenly stops?

if a guy stops flirting with you that means they don't like you anymore and they like someone else.

What is the name of the song in Forrest Gump when the rain suddenly stops?

For what its worth by Buffalo Springfield

What causes an unrestrained passenger in a car to fly forword when the car stops suddenly?


Does a rider fall forward when his horse stops suddenly?

True ... it's called inertia.

What does it mean if a guy was flirting a lot with you for the past days and suddenly stops flirting especially staring and smiling?

Either it means he found someone "better" than you which is harsh but possible or he just wants to slow things down because he really doesn't want a girl friend right now.

What could happen to its passengers if a car suddenly stops?

If all the passengers are properly buckled in and the car brakes suddenly to a stop, someone may spill their coffee.

Sport illegal manoevre?

well it means when a runner stops suddenly and has a mently break down

Suppose you are riding as a passenger in a car when the car stops suddenly What pushes you forward?

Force of Inertia