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Just that, he is not sure if he is ready.

2006-07-27 14:49:28
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What to do when friend A tells the guy that friend B likes that friend B likes him?

Nothing. Or thank friend A for doing something that friend B was afraid to do.

He tells me he still loves me want to be with me but he also tells me just because i love you dont mean i have to be with you what is he doing?

what he is doing is trying to gain the upper hand in the relationship by showing you need him.

What if a girl tells you who they like and you accidentally tell the guy because he is your friend?

Just tell your friend if you tell her You told him Say it will effect your relationship with her

What do you say when she says that you have a boy friend?

If She tells YOU that you have a boyfriend... surely you're doing something wrong?

Should you tell your boyfriend that you were talking too his friend about the issues in the relationship?

yes. you should definitely tell him about that. Especially because he was his friend. there is a possibility for your boy friend to get hurt if his friend ( not purposely. but may be accidentally) tells him about u asking about the relationship issues. It will make the situation worst.

What does it mean when After five years he tells me that am like a friend to him?

If you have been in a relationship for 5 years and he tells you know, means he lost interest. You should get along and talk what happened.

What does it mean when an ex tells his girlfriend about you and how the relationship ended?

It means that the ex is trying to be open with his current girl friend. It also means that he is trying to improve from the last relationship.

What does it mean when a woman tells you that you do not talk about your relationship and she goes off on you but when you do she cuts you off in less than a minute she has a boyfriend and isa friend?

you need to get a counselor. The relationship is in a bad place.

What if you're friend tells you you're her best friend because she doesn't like the stuff her friends have been doing but she used to do all that stuff to you?

then she is just plain using you

What to do when you best friend tells you they're falling for you But you aren't into them?

You should let them understand that it won't make out. Being best friends will be better as relationship.

When a guy tells you he is in love with his girlfriend?

It means that he is in love with his girlfriend that he wants to take his relationship seriously and he wants you as a friend not more than friends.

What does it mean if the boyfriend of your best friend tells your best friend that you look ok?

Its not a big deal just keep it to yourself and you don't have to tell your BFF , but tell her boyfriend to layoff hes in a relationship

Im in a perdicatment what if your friend is doing this thing with your other friend and your other friend tells you he wants your friend to do that thing differently but you dont want to?

Tell your male friend to do his own dirty work. He is a big boy and can tell your other friend what he wants and how he wants it done. You do not want to be in the middle.

Should you continue to see a guy who tells you he loves you as a friend?

Yes, I don't find there to be a problem with it, however, if you have more than friend-like feelings for him, I would talk to him, attempt to not make it awkward, just continue the relationship as much as possible, otherwise don't do anything at all and continue the friend-like relationship.

What to think when a guy likes you but you have told him that you wish to be friends tells you everything he's doing and texts you everyday?

he likes you not as a friend i say go out with him

What if you tell your friend you like him and he tells you i dont want to mislead you are cute and i like you?

He may like you in a sense of just beings friend, or a tiny bit more than being a friend, however, he doesn't want to be a relationship with you at the moment or never.

What do you do if a boy tells you he likes you but then he dates your best friend?

it depends if he tells you that he likes your friend first but if he dating your best friend just tell him no if he ask you out

What do you do when your friend tells you he is gay?

I say that he was your friend before and he is your friend now no matter who he is.

What does it mean if my best guy friend tells me I am oblivious but doesn't say why?

He MAY be trying to break up with you,he's doing it as a a joke or hes shy

What should you do if you help your neighbor who is also your friend and she tells you she will do for you but she does not follow through?

There is two things you can do if not been treated right. You can tell her how you feel or you can stop doing for her.

How do you end the relationship with a girl who knows what she's doing?

If you really believed that your girlfriend knows what she is doing you would not want to breakup the relationship, thus, you have doubts. She has possibly brain-washed you into thinking she knows what she is doing or, you are not independent and do not trust your own decisions. If you are unhappy in your relationship and find your girlfriend controlling and feel over whelmed by it all then be true to yourself and let your girlfriend know that you no longer want to be in the relationship. Sit down with her and let her know why you want to end the relationship and stick to what your heart tells you to do.

What does an action verb do?

An action verb is a word that tells what someone or something is doing. (the words "tells" and "is doing" are action verbs)

What does it mean when your best friend tells my friend to leave me alone?

she is jealous of her or him

What do you do if your boyfriend tells you he has another woman before he starts a relationship with you?

Do not have an relationship with him. He is a player.

If a guy tells his friend he likes you but then tells you he doesn't what does it mean?

He changed his mind.