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it means that he wants to play hard to get and he loves you

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Q: What does it mean when a guy tells you he really likes a girl and then changed his mind in 2 days?
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What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes you but then doesn't text you in 2 days?

he maybe is upset about something or has a girlfriend

What do you do if you like a girl and she likes you but then she doesn't but then she does then doesn't ect and sometimes she flirts with you and sometimes she doesn't?

She's just testing the water. To see if she really likes you. OR She is just playing games. Don't show her attention for a couple days, and You'll see if she really likes you or not

How long should a guy take to call you if he really likes you?

ABout 2 days. They have to work up courage to ask!

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If a guy says i thought about you all weekend does it mean he likes you?

well it really depends. where you going to do anything with him the following days? or its just that he cant get his mind off of you, that is a sign that he likes you. see what else happens, then make a conclusion if he likes you or not =]

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What does it mean when your ex tells you he doesn't like you after you told him you do then later on he ignores you but other days he would try to get really close?

He still likes you he's just stayin distant from you because either, he knows he cant have you, or because he doesn't want to get hurt or hurt you. Its only because he cares about you(:

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What do you do if a guy tells you he likes you but then four days later gets a girlfriend?

this means hes most-likey a player..and with just have to move on, or wait til they grow sorry hun:(

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You like this guy and he really cute and all but he is not showing any signs that he likes me how do you find out if he likes me?

just ingore him a few days and if he dont look at you or say anything to you during the time you ingore him then you should know he dont like you

When you like a boy and he likes you to but does not want to go out with you?

just be thankful someone likes you at all, its near impossible to find people these days. but if you REALLY want him then dont make him feel rushed, take it slow and see where things go.

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