What does it mean when a guy who loves you tells you he has always loved you and he always will?


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May 20, 2014 12:41AM


You should concentrate on the repeted word... he is in" love" with you!

understanding a boy who loves you

It means he's loved you for a long time but couldn't get the guts to tell the girl he loves...............You! If you think he's pretty cute, agree to go out with him, if you absolutely HATE him let him down "gently" and try to "hook" him up with someone you know that won't mind. Also, if you do like him, tell him to never make a mistake like that ever again, I know I shouldn't have!

Second answer( Someone else!): He usually doesn't mean it, unless he's putting a ring on your finger... Even then he could still not. There's always a guy out there saying that to every girl he hooks up with. So, I guess you can't really trust him unless you know him 100%. No background checks needed. (Hope it helped?)