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if you you ask me being a 22 year old guy, that has been in this position, i would be bout 99 percent sure he has someone else he is looking at or with some of the time and dont want to blow his cover

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 22:40:00
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Q: What does it mean when a guy you are dating says it's going too fast but he still wants to hang out with you?
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When a guy goes slow while dating?

If the guys going slow in the relationship maybe he just wants to know that you're the one he wants to do all the fast things with ;) also he may just be taking care of his heart (maybe it's been broken a few times)

Guys how do you know if your boyfriend loves you or just wants some P?

If he keeps on trying or going too far/fast then he just wants some

I like this guy and he like you back but we're not dating but we've held hands hugged plenty of times and dance extemly close would kissing him be going to far to fast?

no humping him would be going to fast

What if boyfriend wants to get very close to girlfriend?

Just tell him you are going to fast, I'm a boy if I was going out with you I wouldn't mind if you asked me to slow down.

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to slow down emotionally?

sometimes it may mean that she is not sure about your relationship, sometimes that you guys are going to fast in your relationship and sometimes it may mean that the relationship is not going in the direction that she wants. The safe thing to go is ask her

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to slow down?

he simply mean that he is tired of the girl! He might be having premature ejaculation and wants the sex to last longer. The relationship is going forward to fast and he wants to slow it down.

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When a man tells you he cares but he does not know if he can be in a close relationship?

dont worry it just means that he is not ready for you yet he cares for you but just doesnt want to get into the stress of a couple yet keep on dating him though until he s ready you are just going too fast and he wants to know you better

What if you really had a crush on this guy for months and you know he did too and after finally dating him he ends the relationship Was it going to fast It was really intense But we felt very comfort?

Yes, it may have been going too fast. He may also have not been ready for a real relationship.

What does it mean when your current boyfriend admits he misses and wants to talk to his old girlfriend?

it means hes still in love with her... RUN!! fast!

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