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It means in the heat of desire he has made a mistake by fraternizing with a woman of low social status. Who the heck does he think he is! He sounds like a spineless wonder and ego-maniacal and I'd kick his hide out the door. There should be no upper or lower social status as far as I'm concerned (although it does happen of course) and if one is in love then that's all that should count.

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What is the meaning of the in the Relationship Map?

the net that having a social relationship between people live in a society

What is the relationship btw social studies and social science?

Discuss the relationship between social studies and social science

What is a social relationship?

A social relationship is like you're friends with a person

What is pshysocial problem?

Psychosocial refers to one's pshycosocial development in and interaction with a social environment. The individual is not necessarily fully aware of this relationship with his or her environment.of or pertaining to the interaction between social and psychological factors.

What the relationship between social policy and social development?

Social policies are guidelines, principles, legislation and activities that affect living conditions and human welfare. This has helped benefit social development by having these guidelines to live and grow by.

What does It Mean To Have A Lot Of Nerve?

The phrase 'a lot of nerve' refers to having a lack of regard for social protocol preventing certain actions.

What is the Relationship between social structure and individuality?

the relationship beetween social structure is govenment

What is the difference between social and societal?

Social refers to a larger context of "all " social behavior while societal refers to practices of specific societies.

What is the definition of social relation and social relationship?

Social relation and social relationship is the same thing according to sociologist. It is the interaction between two or more individuals.

Social stratification refers to?

Social stratification is referred to people ranking. This is a social get together.

What is conjunctive social processes?


What is the relationship between social work and other social sciences?

There is a strong relationship between social work and other social sciences. Most social work activities are advised by the principles found in social sciences.

Benefits of having a social contract?

benefits of having a social contract ? and what are 5 reasons why the social contracts are good

What is social Administration?

SA refers to the sturdy of social services that respond to human needs and social problems.

What is the relationship between linguistics and social sciences?

Linguistics is an area of study with many branches, one of which refers to the social dimensions of language development and use. Sociolinguistics is concerned with understanding language-use and society. Since linguistics is an outgrowth of anthropology, it (linguistics) has roots in the social and natural sciences.

What is social milieu?

Social milieu is also simply known as a social environment. It refers to the culture that an individual was educated in and the culture that they live in. It also refers to the people and institutions/organisations that the individual interacts with.

Is social work a science?

It is a social science. This refers the study of people and their interactions with others.

What are the Elements of social problems?

#1 Social Condition-refers to our own life experience through media and education. #2 Subjective element-refers to the existence of social condition. #3 Objective element

What are some examples of social relationships?

One example of a social relationship is the relationship that you have with your favorite department store. This is because social relationships are typically between a human person and an entity.

What is an example of covalent bond in a social relationship?

what is an example of covalent bond in a relationship?

What is the relationship between Psychology and Sociology?

The Relationship Between Sociology And Social psychology

What are social elements?

social elements refers to diverse components that constitute to form the society as a whole

What term refers to the process by which a social group becomes part of another social group?


What are the processes of rural transformation in Africa?

Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another. Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another. Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another. Rural transformation refers to social,polilitical,economic and demographic changes from one stage to another.

What is social cynicism?

Social cynicism refers to the distrust people have toward professed social values. People who have social cynicism do not have high expectations concerning society.