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The problem is you really don't know this man well enough (personally) to understand what he is thinking deep inside even though you've known each other for years. We all harbor certain feelings way down deep and keep them there. Without you ever knowing he could have been hurt badly a few years back, or he could simply feel more for you than he is comfortable with and isn't ready for a commitment yet. I suggest you call him and invite him over for dinner. Then sit in front of nice fire with a glass of wine and start talking. Be pleasant, but blunt and ask him the same question you just asked this board. Communication is so important because without it we are just really second-guessing another person and that can get us into all kinds of trouble. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What does it mean when a man you knew for years who never had anything to do with you suddenly after 10 years invites you to lunch and calls every night for 4 days and then stops calling?
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