Long-Distance Relationships

What does it mean when a man you love says he loves you but you are too good for him and you deserve better and he needs to really work on being a better man and later you might work?



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Either that, or he's just full of it, not interested and trying to let you down easy while keeping you in the background in case something else doesn;t work out.


It means you give him space and take some of your own. Let him become the man you need and want him to be on his own. Use the time apart to get out into the mix of things to get a gauge of whats out there. You may find someone who wont take as long to get their crap together to deserve you and start getting treated like the queen you are.!!!!!!!!!!!!! If and when he finally"finishes working" on improving himself make sure that's what you still want.


It might mean that he doesn't love you at all, or it might mean the thing he's saying.