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Either that, or he's just full of it, not interested and trying to let you down easy while keeping you in the background in case something else doesn;t work out.

AnswerIt means you give him space and take some of your own. Let him become the man you need and want him to be on his own. Use the time apart to get out into the mix of things to get a gauge of whats out there. You may find someone who wont take as long to get their crap together to deserve you and start getting treated like the queen you are.!!!!!!!!!!!!! If and when he finally"finishes working" on improving himself make sure that's what you still want. AnswerIt might mean that he doesn't love you at all, or it might mean the thing he's saying.
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You love this girl who doesn't know im a fake what should you do?

This maybe a little harsh. Stop being a fake. Just be the real you. If she finds out you were being fake with her, she'll end the relationship. If you succeed in being a fake and she finds this out later, it will only hurt her more. If you truly love her, then let her love the true you, not the fake you. Would you want to be in love with a fake girlfriend. I didn't think so. If she doesn't love you for who you truly are, that will hurt you for a long time. If this does happen, always remember you deserve better, and she didn't deserve you. Also you don't deserve her if you continue being fake with her. The choice is up to you. Choose wisely

Which is better a Ford or Chevrolet?

A Chevy may appear better at times but later on down the road it's really not . All that it really is, is that fords are made with better parts and quality parts at that,which makes them run longer,and better.Basically fords are better hands down.

You asked a girl out and she dumped you 5 minutes later what should you do?

Nothing - let her go and move on. She obviously is not ready for relationship or is just playing games with you - its not worth it. Don't allow her to treat you this way - you deserve better.

What 2 do when Jessica hits you?

Walk away and get out of the maddness , cool off and then maybe discuss the abuse with Jessica at a later time , never stay in a abusive relationship . You deserve better . I hope this helps you and good luck to you

Is it better to get braces sooner or later?

Probably sooner because if your teeth get really bad then it will take longer to staighten your teeth.

When a guy breaks up with you and later says that he wants to always be there for you does he really mean it or is it just to make you feel better?

believe me, hes just trying to make you feel better

Are pen pals safe?

Some are, if you like them. But its better to meet them later on if you are really close. If you don't feel that comfortable, just tell them that.

Later the better?

better late than never

How do you get your ex back when he is with someone else but says he loves you too?

This guy is having his cake and eating it too. If he loved you so much he wouldn't be with someone else. Get rid of this waste of skin and move on. I realize your heart is broken, but better broken now than later when it's too late. You deserve better!

How do you beat assasins creed 1?

by following the main quest line. ive done it, the game is really fun ,but i enjoy the later ones better.

How do you get a girl to like you when she already got a bf?

When the time is right and they broken up wait a few months later. Get to know her better, make her feel happy, and ask her out when the days feel just the right to do it. If she says no, she doesn't deserve you. If she says yes, go for it.

What should i say when a teacher said I am proud of you?

Tell them thank u, so they know u really deserve the "Im proud of u" Later, u should start helping out the teacher if they have a lot of work and needs to do something else, or when they drop something.

Do you have to tell a dealer your car was in an accident when trading it in?

Yes you had better - if it is found it later and it could be you will hear about it, could end up being sued etc.

What is a Reason for being later that begins with R?

-Really, I wasn't late -Ran over a cop -Rushed and got a ticket -Randall ate the bus

Is it better to plant bulbs earlier or later in the fall?

it is better to plant them earlier!

Is milk good for ulcers?

Not really, it can soothe the burning you feel but it can be hard to digest and may cause your stomach to generate more acid later. Water or an antacid is better.

What did Cleopatra do later in life?

she didn't really have much of a later life, she died at age 39

Is it better to end a relationship now or later?


What is the sooner act?

Its better than the later act.

Is it better for kids if school starts later?

if kids start school later they just get out later, so it depends on when you want your summer to start.

What are English words derived from the Latin word Dea?

All I can think of at this time is "Deity", but that is really from the male counterpart of 'dea' which is 'deus'. I'll try to update this with a better response later.

Do i need to graduate high school?

You really should and at least go to college, you won't get far without an education and you'll regret it later on in life. Better safe than sorry.

How can you remove virus from a DVD?

Take it out of your computer(if it is a DVD-ROM) Shatter it into pieces. buy a new one. I really don't know but I think someone will come and post a better answer later.

Explain about pop music?

sorry , but it's a hard question i can explain it to you later i mean really later not tomorrow or after but i may answer your question later

Does Daniel Buck-Burgoon deserve any fame credit for his short stories of short books?

I have been writing since2009 and am under appreciated author.Maybe in two thousand later in the centure I really gain respect and notices for my work...These short novels art fiction and action packed!!

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