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A 'happy ending' massage refers to a massage that culminates in some form of sexual activity, such as manual stimulation (slang term: 'hand-job') until the client has an orgasm. This is considered a type of prostitution.

This practice is illegal everywhere in the US where prostitution is illegal, which is almost everywhere. 'Massage parlor' is the term used for massage businesses that tend to be just a cover for the age old business of exchanging sex for money; prostitution.

It is illegal, but not uncommon.

Which is kinda dumb for them to make that illegal but drinking booze all night.

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Happy ending massage North Carolina?

When the massage therapist offers sexual services on top of the massage.

Is it illegal to give massage and free happy endings?

Free happy endings! Would that ending happen to be sex! If one pays for such a massage: for example by going to a certain (erotic) massage parlor, that massage is considered prostitution, and is illegal in most states. And trust me, that happy ending was not free!

What is a happy ending massage?

massage with a hand job

What is happy ending massage?

It is a massage with an orgasmic climax at the end.

What is a massage pallor used for?

The term massage parlor is usually associated with illegal businesses that generally cater to men and include prostitution. Usually the most common service is referred to as a happy ending or a hand job.

What is a Massage with Happy and Lingham Ending?

a happy ending so when she gives you a hand job at the end.

Is it cheating for a married man to have a happy ending massage without his wife's knowledge?

If it was accidental then no, however if you went to a 'massage parlour' wanting a happy ending then yes!!

Is happy ending massage legal in Vermont?

absolutely. ;)

What is a nirvana massage?

The term nirvana refers to heaven. A nirvana massage is meant to imply a heavenly massage or happy ending massage.

Where are the best happy ending massage parlours in Bangalore?

because massage is the most give u to relacsions...

Is table shower happy ending massage illegal?

of course is prostitution

Where do you find a happy ending massage in new york?

from your moms house

Are there happy ending massage parlors in Bakersfield California?

paradise spa

What was taught to Indians at the California missions?

How to give a happy ending massage

Where can you find a happy ending massage in Denver?

You cannot. They are illegal in the United States. Massage therapists are trained professionals.

What is sandwich massage?

A massage performed by two nude chicks back n forth and end with happy ending.

What is a level 2 massage?

L2 adds a HJ and/or BJ to the regular massage service and is intended to ensure happy ending.

Are happy ending massage legal?

No. It's illegal but nearly impossible to enforce. The loophole is that customers pay for the "massage" and the "happy ending" comes independently and is merely sex between consenting adults. The happy ending is implied in negotiation. Law enforcement agencies must prove solicitation took place and that money was exchanged for the purpose of the "happy ending". As a result, law enforcement tends to focus on street workers, where its easier to prove solicitation. Massage parlours are occasionally investigated, however.

How much money does the massage therapist make per hour?

It depends on if there is a happy ending.

What is the risk of being a massage therapist?

you could be confronted by an obese Asian asking for a 'happy ending'

How much to tip for a happy ending massage?

I go to a place on Long Island. $60 for 1 hour massage. If I get a happy ending, I get $30 tip. they seem happy with that "sank you sir, sank you!" Even after I cum, I rub my temples and they get the hint that I like that, so while there is still time on the clock, they sit behind my and give a great face massage - very relaxing after a cum.

What is an oriental massage?

Oriental Massage is not a modality like Thai massage or Shiatsu. Oriental massage parlors are often offering illegal add-on and services to massage. Professional massage therapists would never say they do oriental massage. It pretty much means you can get a happy ending there.

What is the quickest way to get a Pokemon happy?

Travel with it and give it a soothe bell, and have the massage person massage it and eventually it will be happy

Are there massage parlours in grand rapids with happy endings?

curtisy massage

What is nirvana massage?

Basically it's a term used as a Guise for a "Happy Ending." They try to pass it off as something sacred or energy healing, but it's really just a massage where the therapist jerks the guy off.