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probably playing games with you It's apparent you don't know when to get the hint. She's obviously attracted to you and I'm sure you are well aware of it. Ask her out!

2006-09-13 04:43:41
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What is a sentence using the word compliments?

He showered her with compliments until she agreed to see him again. The winning tennis player always compliments his opponent on a game well played.

Why do some people accept compliments but don't give them?

We will always accept compliments because everyone loves a positive statement and/or praise. This does not, however, affect if they are manneredly and give compliments, as well.

Is it a good sign if a guy compliments you?

First of all it is always good when you get compliments! If a guy compliments you, that means that he is paying special attention to you. There is a good chance that he is interested in you as more than as a friend.

What colour compliments purple color?

Grey or Orange always works!!

What are the release dates for Ready for the Weekend Movie - 2004 The Things You've Always Wanted to Do Weekend?

Ready for the Weekend Movie - 2004 The Things You've Always Wanted to Do Weekend was released on: USA: 14 June 2006

What is the term for someone who seeks compliments?

Someone who is constantly seeking compliments may have low self-esteem or be self-cautious. They seek compliments to make their self feel better or happier. These people are sometimes referred to as 'fishers' because they are desperate to receive praise so they are always 'fishing' for compliments from other people.

Is this weekend memorial weekend yes or no?

Memorial weekend is always the last 3 days of May. This 2010, there is a Civil War Reenactment on Memorial Day weekend. For information, contact me.

Use the word appearance in sentence?

Your appearance doesn't always matter.

Why does your man always compliment other women?

If he compliments you often and also compliments other women then he's being a gentleman and you should be proud of that good characteristic in him. If he seldom compliments you and is always complimenting other women as you say then he's flirting and things he's 'hot in his socks' a type of arrogance. Nip this is bud and tell him to knock it off or hit the bricks.

What is the best shampoo that makes your hair smell nice?

I always get compliments when I use Herbal Essences.

What weekend is Veterans Day celerbrated on?

Veterans Day is always observed on 11 November, which may or may not be on a weekend.

In what situations would you need to include a citation to acknowledge an outside source?

In academic writing it is always good to acknowledge your sources. [when you referance the result of a particular study <------(apex)]

How should you respond if someone say compliments?

You should smile and say "Thank You". It is universal, and it is always correct.

How can you tell if a 14 year old bot likes you?

If he stares. If he compliments. If you guys are always talking. ECT.

Why is Labor Day always the first Monday of September?

So that Labor Day Weekend is a three-day holiday weekend.

What do you do if your best friend talks down to you never defends or compliments you and can always make you feel bad while you always give them props and always try to impress them but you never can?

then they are not a true friend!! : )

When is the 2010 norborne soybean festival?

It is always the second weekend in August.

What weekend is considered Veterans Day?

In the USA, Veteran's day is observed on 11 November, the original Armistice Day. It does not always fall on a weekend.

How do teenage girls flirt with teenage boys?

Give him lots of compliments! If he tells a joke always laugh and smile a lot!

When a girl is always looking at you and looking at you in the eyes when were in a group when your saying something and compliments you does that mean she likes you?

Maybe, try asking her.

What do you do to get a date?

be confident in yourself and always smile. focus each day on giving compliments to at least 5 people that you would consider dating. it gives them a boost of self confidence and lets them know you are interested at the least and are confident and nice enough to compliment them. (especially if that someone is a girl.) girls always love compliments!

Why is Antonio sad?

because death is always on his mind and he went to a funeral at the weekend.

Can you give a sentence with the word they?

They would always go rollerskating every weekend.

Did all-star weekend always swear in there songs?

No, only in Not Your Birthday.

When are odsp direct deposits out for April?

april 30 on a monday it is always the end off the month unless if the end is on a weekend then it would be before the weekend starts