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What does it mean when a woman you abused and took for granted who was lovesick over you has now just ignored your calls and dumped you out of the blue when before she was wrapped around your finger?

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January 09, 2007 8:24PM

It means she is on the road to getting her confidence and self

esteem back--things you took away from her when you chose to abuse

her. As you put your needs above hers, she now has wisened up about

the real person you are and now puts her emotional/physical health

above your BS manipulations. You didn't love her--you loved the

reactions you got from her and the ego boost her submission gave

you. Now you're getting what you truly deserve. I'd advise you to

go to counselling, but I'm sure you feel you don't have a need for

it. YAHOO! Another one got away! Take a good look in the mirror if

you can reach that high as you are lower than a snake's belly!

There is nothing worse one human being can do to another is use

them when they are down, or abuse them. Who do you think you are to

abuse anyone! You're going to get yours in spades and I wish I was

there to see it!

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