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It means she is on the road to getting her confidence and self esteem back--things you took away from her when you chose to abuse her. As you put your needs above hers, she now has wisened up about the real person you are and now puts her emotional/physical health above your BS manipulations. You didn't love her--you loved the reactions you got from her and the ego boost her submission gave you. Now you're getting what you truly deserve. I'd advise you to go to counselling, but I'm sure you feel you don't have a need for it. Yahoo! Another one got away! Take a good look in the mirror if you can reach that high as you are lower than a snake's belly! There is nothing worse one human being can do to another is use them when they are down, or abuse them. Who do you think you are to abuse anyone! You're going to get yours in spades and I wish I was there to see it!

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How does a chao get sick in sonic adventure 2 battle?

When ignored or abused I believe

Has the senate abused their power to review treaties and confirm nominations?

The Senate has not abused it power to review treaties and confirm nominations. This power was granted in the Constitution.

Why did Michael Jackson have his arm all wrapped up?

he wore an armband to remind others about children being abused

What does the title of the book Matilda have to do with the book?

Its about a girl named Matilda, who was abused (ignored) by her parents. So Matilda is the main character

What types of treatment do animals get when they get abused?

I have to say that you'd have to be God to be able to answer this question, but if it's examples you're looking for, then here you go: Ignored Fed badly Teased Physically abused Hope I helped.

Is shadowclan evil?

ShadowClan is not evil. They are just a group of cats who have been ignored and abused for too long and want the attention and respect they deserve.

Why did Anti-Federalists believe it was important to include a Bill of Rights with the Constitution?

They felt that if the rights of the citizens were not written down, they would be ignored and abused

How were handicapped people treated in the 1920's?

they were forced to remain in one room for most of their lives. the conditions were abominable and they were verbally abused as well as ignored

Can a divorced child move from their mothers house if they are being mentally abused?

YES! not all mothers should be granted full custody of their children!

What does infringement of rights mean?

In relation to Health and Social Care, it means that someone or a cleints rights are being ignored or abused. It can also mean that the cleints rights may not be being met by the carer.

The constitution limits the powers of government to those granted by who?

The constitution limits the power of the government through various clauses. The constitution also has checks and balances to ensure that the power is not abused.

How does women get abused?

they get abused by having a argument. they get abused by having a argument.

Which dog is known to attack their owner?

A poorly bred speciman plus add in - not socialized, not obedience trained, ignored, abused, etc. There is no one breed that attacks its owner. It is the dog that fits into some of the above categories.

How do know if your abused?

If you have to ask if you are abused then you are not.

If a 15 year old who is employed has an alcoholic father and has been abused in the past as well as currently can emancipation be granted?

Emancipation rules vary from state to state. It isn't allowed in some places.

Where are animals abused at?

animals get abused everywhere

Was eminem sexualy abused?

Yes, according to interviews, rapper Eminem was in fact sexually abused as a child. He was sexually abused and verbally abused by his step father.

How big of a problem is animal abuse in the US?

The best answer is: unknown. There are no reliable national statistics maintained on how many animals are abused, either absolute or percentage. However, anecdotally the abuse of animals is a serious problem that is often underreported or ignored.

How many animals get abused each year?

Nearly a million animals get abused each year are abused.

How many pets are abused everyday?

200 animals get abused a day. 73,000 animals get abused a year.

Should horses be abused?

No animal should be abused

Was hayley Williams sexually abused when she was little?

I'm not sure if she was SEXUALLY abused, but she was abused by her former stepfather when she was younger.

What happens to abused children when they get older?

it depends how they are abused. if they were emotionally abused they would probably be mentally unstable. where sexually abused people may be sexual predators them selves. and physically abused might be very unsocial or even violent themselves.

How long was Dave pelzer abused?

He was abused for 12 years

How many french kids are abused?

everone in the world is abused