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What does it mean when a woman you dumped and treated badly called you repeatedly for one day crying but you haven't heard anything from her since?



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It means that the woman you dumped and treated badly finally realized that you are a jerk! She probably found a new man, one worthy of her attention. Chances are your penis is small, that's why you feel you need to treat women badly. Too bad for you! You think you are going to hear "because she still loves you and is in sheer misery and I want you all to know what a hot guy I am!" You're the type of jerk that really loves 'em and leaves 'em in a demoralizing way. Did you ever think for one minute that this girl could be so stressed out at the shoddy way you've treated her that it could end up badly such as possible suicide? Perhaps she has no one else to turn too and she misses you. Are you happy now? THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE ALWAYS TURNS AROUND AND BITES YOU ON THE BUTT! I hope you get yours real soon!