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What does it mean when a woman you used to date shows up out of the blue two years later at your work and stares at you as she talks to another person then leaves?



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You didn't give us much to go on as to why you split up. It could mean many things. She may have known this person and they see each other socially, or, she could be interested in you again. She may have asked the other person if you were dating again, but that's a wild guess. The best thing to do is ignore it and continue on with your life and see if she contacts you again. Meanwhile, if you still like her just smile if she sees you looking at her or you catch her looking at you. Thank-you for answering my question. I have not seen her in nearly two years. I thought she forgot all about me. Maybe she has, buts it look like she still likes me? I will never understand this. When she saw me she just kept looking back at me as she walks away, staring. She did not look mean or mad, she look so pretty and so shy. I did not know how to act so ashamed to say I look the other way. I saw her as she walking and i looked at her but when she noticed me, I turned away. She seemed to really be looking and now I have blown it. I dont know if she will come back ever. What do I do? Go up to the person your ex girlfriend was talking too and ask some questions. If you don't know where your ex girlfriend is living perhaps this person does. If they can't provide the answer then look in the phone book to see if your ex is listed there. If you get lucky then I'd phone her and explain why (just as you have in this post) why you reacted the way you did and would she like to go out on a date with you. I have a feeling she's just letting you know she's around and yes, I think she does like you. Good luck! I think maybe she was talking to this other person about something you werent privee to. What did you do when she was staring, where you looking back at her, maybe she thought you were trying to eaves drop? The best bet is to sit and wait to see if she returns and if she does, go up to her and greet her, if your association left on a good note, and see if she tells you why she was there, if she doesnt, it wasnt for you..