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It could mean nothing, he might just be smiling at you because it's like saying hi. If you get the chance...look at him to see if he smiles at nobody else, if he does then he just thinks you,re a nice person. If you find out he likes you and you like that fact, then if you're old enough ask him out or if you're not old enough yet, try to talk to him just as a friend.

2011-07-12 22:36:54
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Does every Roman Catholic Church have an altar?

Yes, every Catholic church has an altar.

Is there a relic inside every altar in every Roman Catholic Church?

In all but the more modern churches an altar stone with a saint's relic will still be found. The Church did away with the requirement not long ago.

Do Baptist churches have an altar a lectern etc?

Almost every Baptist church has an altar this is where people go when an altar call is given for unsaved people, to accept Christ and be forgiven of their sin.

Example sentence of the word altar?

I can give you several sentences.The church committee decorates the altar with fresh flowers every Sunday.The prehistoric building had a sacrificial altar in the center.The priests laid the sacrifice on the altar.

Does every Catholic church have a tabernacle?

I believe you are referring to the Altar and altar-communion rail. In that sense, yes. there is also the Reservation of the Sacrament- usually Dead center on the Altar, though some have it off to one side.

How important is the altar to Christians?

Speaking only for myself the altar in a church represents a holy place of prayer where one can kneel in the presence of God and pray. This makes it a very important place to me. Unfortunately I have found that the altar these days is not used as frequently as it should be by Christians. This is probably due to the fear of embarassment and what others may think if they see you praying at the altar. I believe that on any given Sunday at any Christian church every member should be on their knees at the altar. If for no other reason than to thank God for his loving mercy on the sinful lot of us. Every Christian should find time for the altar and place great importance in it. Hope this helps and hope to see you at the altar one day!

What is that thing that hangs above the altar in a Catholic church that holds a candle that is taken down every Good Friday called?

sanctuary lamp

What do some altars in Catholic Churches contain as a reminder of the legacy of the early Church?

In the days when the Church was being persecuted, the early Christians held Mass in the catacombs of Rome, using the tomb of a martyr as an altar. It used to be a requirement that the main altar in every Catholic Church have an altar stone into which was sealed a first class relic of a saint, usually a martyr. In recent years this requirement has been abandoned but many older churches still have them.

Why dont Catholics go to church?

Catholics do go to church. We attend mass every Sunday at a Catholic Church. We actually consider it a sin not to attend church on Sunday unless there is no way that you can come.

Is there a church in every town?

No, there is not every church in every town, Particularly in India

What is highest part of church is called?

The steeple. If one is talking of the physical structure.Actually, the Church is the Body of Christ. Every Christian forms an equal part of it.

Is it South Africa is a beautiful country?

yes, a country with passion and with smiles every where.

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes and smiles every time he sees you?

he likes you

Every time i giggle or smile at this guy i like he smiles at me but when my friend smiles at him he doesn't smile at all why?

well did you ever think he may like you. or hates your friend

Does every christian denomination have an altar?

No. Example: Jehovah's Witnesses as Christians don't have an altar. (We are more of a Bible EDUCATIONAL Disceminating group, than a group with celebrations and rituals.)

What did Noah build AFTER he landed on the mountain?

Genesis 8:19, 20 - Every animal, every creeping thing, every bird, and whatever creeps on the earth, according to their families, went out of the ark. Then Noah built an altar to the Lord, and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird, and offered burnt offerings on the altar.[NKJV]

What are hints that a guy likes you?

he smiles at you and he keeps coming back every day to talk to you

Why does a guy not come and speak to you if he likes you though he smiles at you every time you look at him?

To Shy?!

Where is the Alter to get rid of vampirism on Skyrim?

Every town has a temple, the altar will be there, and all altars will cure disease. For example, the altar for the temple of Mara in Riften is to the right of the door as you enter.

Why do you bow in the Roman Catholic Church?

Bowing is a sign of reverence - respect for God. Therefore, we bow every time we pass in front of the altar, which is consecrated to God and is a sign of Jesus. We also bow before receiving Jesus in communion.

Where is the Bible kept in the church?

every church is different

Does a guy in my middle school like me Waves and smiles at me every day but I'm not sure?

Yes :)

How often did the high priest burn incense on the golden altar?

in the morning and evening every day

Where are the RuneScape alters at?

There is an altar at almost every major city in Runescape and players with over 25 Construction should have a player owned one. --------------------- Player owned one however are the only ones that you can use bones on to receive even more exp than burying. the better the altar, the more the exp, the best altar is Gilded Altar.

Does the Catholic Church have Holy Communion every Sunday?

The Catholic Church has Holy Communion every day of the year, at every Mass.