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It is because of the contract or a form you may or may not of read completely stating that when there is no way to settle dispute the company has put into place the Arbitrator to make a judgment . This is so you can not take your company to court. You may want to call your administrator's office and ask them if you did indeed sign that form and ask them to produce you a copy

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How do you make extra money if you are receiving disability benefits?

If you're talking about US Social Security disability benefits, you're allowed to work and still receive benefits. Contact the Social Security Administration for details; ask for publication 05-10095 "Working While Disabled - How We Can Help". After a trial period, your benefits will be reduced, but you'll still come out ahead of what you were getting from benefits alone (the first $85 per month you make doesn't affect your benefits, and after that your benefits are reduced by only fifty cents per dollar you earn).Other types of disability benefits may have different rules; you should contact whomever is in charge of them and ask.

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As of 2009 you can safely earn 980 a month from an employer and you still get your SSDI payment. Anything over the 980 in that month is subtracted from your benefits.

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If you had many symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period last month but negative pregnancy test then this month you had cramping and then you started and still have symptoms can you still be pregnant?

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Depending on your state's rulings, it is possible if the reason for leaving this job is acceptable to the state and if you still had benefit time left on your previous unemployment benefits.

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Have you worked? If not - no. If you've had a job you might get benefits. <><> Its possible if you had begun, and lost, your current job recently and was still in the benefits period (the 52 weeks after filing for the original benefits) and still had credits available you might be able to re-open the old claim.

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You're entitled to VA benefits and service related disability benefits (if applicable), but you won't continue receiving the benefits you received while you were on active duty.

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welfare benefits are based on income, not how you lost your income.

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