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She didn't treat you very well when she had the chance, and it sounds like instead of reving her motor as usual, she's idling in between guys. Don't fall for it and you have no reason to be nice to her. She can't stand the thought of you having a relationship with anyone else. Look at the girl you are with now, then look at the hurt your ex put upon you. Tell her to stop bothering you. If you should go back to her she'll do the same thing all over again to you. You deserve better treatment and don't you fall for her garbage! Good luck Marcy Thank You Marcy!!!

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Is there going to be a Serious Explorers in 2012?

I recently emailed CBBC and they said that a new Serious Series was in development.

If someone from another country emailed to give a new car what should be done?

It's a scam.

What preposition comes after the verb emailed?

Usually the word "to" comes after "emailed."

I just emailed you pricing. Thanks?

I just emailed you pricing. Thanks

Does a boy like you even if he hasn't emailed you back after you emailed him for the first time?


How do you note on a business letter that the letter was also emailed?

To note on a business letter that the letter was also emailed, put 'Copy' after the name of the person and their address. Beside the word Copy write 'emailed to', then put the address where the letter was also emailed.

What is is Joseph Adams Jonas address of mail? I emailed this and he (JOE JONAS) emailed me back

Will WikiAnswers email you back?

If you emailed WikiAnswers for a good reason, they might email you back. If you emailed WikiAnswers for no good reason, then they might not email you back. It depends on the subject and context of what you emailed WikiAnswers about.

Can tickets be emailed to you for the playoff?


Weider 8630 exercise chart?

I emailed Weider, and got the chart emailed to me within 15 minutes of sending it!

Do you have to buy another disc to get another account for warhammer online?

No, not if you buy digitally (to buy online for download). If you already have the game you can just skip the download, and enter your CD-key which will be emailed to you.

What is Monique imes' fan mail address?

It is I emailed it and it was true!! It is I emailed it and it was true!!

Should you ask a guy why he hasn't emailed you recently?

Ask him something else. Ask what he thinks of the recent Obama health care legislation. If he is still interested in communicating with you, he will reply. If he doesn't, it's over.

Nick Jonas emailed you?

i wish

Will you get emailed if you swear on Club Penguin?


What is the past tense of email?


Is a WKD free from gluten?

I live in the UK and emailed the WKD company and they emailed back confirming that all WKD's were gluten free.

Will there be a camp orange 2014?

weli emailed jamie and he emailed me back saying they might not be anymore camp orange answered in 2012

What is ray William Johnsons email? i emailed him and yes he emailed me back!! No it's changed to It is not I just emailed him with both emails and that one came back as undeliverable. Just check on facebook

Can I have Verizon promo codes emailed to me?

Yes, you can. If you go onto the Verizon website and sign up on the mailing list, you will get new updates emailed to you.

If your parents get your Internet explorer history emailed to them do they also get history from other browsers emailed to them?

no not unless they've got that browsers history emailed to them too! if you use google chrome u can go CtrlShiftN - then ur history wont show up :)

Can I have a club penguin code emailed to me?

In your dreams!

Can music be emailed to a cell phone?


How do you find the location of a picture that was emailed?

look for it

Do you spell emailed with an ed at the end?