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Probably you will need to remove the speedo cable and clean and lube it

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Is it normal for the speedometer needle in a 1990 Ford Escort to wiggle before it hits 28-30 MPH as opposed to moving smoothly?

It is not normal and if it is a manual speedo the cable needs lubing and if it is electric, there is a problem that needs to be checked out. GoodluckJoe

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How do you add gear oil to a 1992 madza mx3?

You have to remove the speedometer cable (follow it from the firewall, all the way down to the transmission) Remove the cable, then wiggle the speedometer gear out... add fluid there. Here's a link I found when I was looking into the same thing:

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How to replace speedometer cable in 1991 dodge shadow?

Im not sure if your vehicle has a speedometer cable or if its a digital type thing with all wires and an electric motor opperating your SpeedOMeter but if it is a cable driven one, then just disconnect the cable from the speedometer from inside the vehicle... raise the vehicle if needed, I think its easier to get it from top, if the vehicle has the A413 transmission, remove the 10mm bolt holding the Speed Sensor in because the SpeedOMeter cable is running threw the middle if it, it does have a round O Gasket on it so it will be tight removing it, but it will come out with alittle wiggle and install the new the same way as you took it off.

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How do you remove the instrument cluster on a 1962 Chevy?

In most 1962 Chevys, the instrument cluster is screwed in from the front. After removing the screws wiggle gently and look to see if any wires or the speedometer cable needs to be unhooked.