What does it mean when food is fortified?

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What is an example of a fortified food?

An example of a Fortified food is milk. It is high in vitamin D.

What does fortified mean?

Fortified means to strengthen. It's taken from the prefix fort, a strong defense.

What are examples of fortified foods?

hi this is a piece of food

Which food is commonly fortified with iodine?

table salt

What is the most highly fortified food?

Breakfast cereals

What does fortified mean on food label?

The vitamins and minerals are added to replace the original vitamins and minerals that were lost during the refining process...

What does fort mean?

a fortified defensive structure

What is mandatory fortified food?

Mandatory fortified food is a food product which has had a vitamin or mineral added to it in the hope of increasing health standards of a particular population. With mandatory food fortification there is no choice about how it is done and all products must comply to the act.

What does fortify mean?

Fortify means to strengthen or to make stronger than; also it can mean to encourage mentally and to invigorate mentally or if it is fortified wine it has more alcohol content than unfortified wine and if food is fortified it has usually had extra vitamins added. poo yo mama is a f*****

What has the author Brian Lockwood written?

Brian Lockwood has written: 'Nutraceuticals' -- subject- s -: Diet therapy, Dietary supplements, Food, Fortified, Food-Drug Interactions, Fortified Food, Functional foods, Natural foods, Therapeutic use

What does persidio mean?

do you mean presidio - in Spain and Spanish America it is a fortified settlement

What should you avoid if you are allergic to lanolin?

Any food fortified with Vit D3

What are fortified foods?

Food that is made richer and more nutritious by adding vitamins

What kinds of food have vitamin A in them?

FishEggsLiverOilFortified Dairy Products

Can bread be fortified?

can bread be fortified

How would you use fortified in a sentence?

Fortified is a word.

How do you fortified in sentence?

Fortified means protected against attack. Two synonyms of fortified are entrenched and guarded. "My house has a fortified shelter in the backyard in the event of a nuclear strike."

What does the Maori word pa mean?

Literally meaning 'to obstruct', the most common usage of 'pa' refers to a fortified village that people could retreat to in times of trouble and find safety and an emergency supply of food.. It was usually situated in a naturally defensible area such as a hill or headland, fortified with ditches, terraces, pallisades and ramparts.

How do you use the word fortified in a sentecne?

He fortified himself with a good breakfast. They fortified the walls to stop gunfire from penetrating.

What is an example of fortified foods?

milk is fortified with vitamin D

Describe the characteristics of fortified wines?

what are the characteristic of fortified wines

What is a fortified gate?

Fortified means capable of resisting invasion

When was The Fortified Castle created?

The Fortified Castle was created in 2001.

What does 'Quebec is a fortified city' mean?

It means there is a wall around it (the old district).

What cereals are iron fortified?

Most cereals are iron fortified. Look at the nutritional value panel on the box. It will tell you if it is iron fortified or not.