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Well from what it sounds like i would say you don't have much of a long distance relationship...its hard when someone lives far away but to make it work you BOTH have to try...if she got another boyfriend then she isn't trying very hard and i doubt she really has true feelings for you still...there is a good chance she only told you that to make you feel less hurt when she told you about the other advice...move on..find someone who will be true to you and who lives closer to you..the sooner you move on the better.

Answerwhy did she stop talking to you when you found out she had a b/f. Did you know her new dude? AnswerYes he was an old friend that was hitting on he when we dated and she said she "excommunicated" him from her and now they are going out and she calls me out of the blueand starts talking about getting back together and how her feelings have comeback.(Note: I havent seen her in almost 3 months)

She didnt even mention him until i asked how the single life is treating her.

The way i intepret it is that she still loves me and want me but im not there so she gets someone else and pushes me away.She says she is confused about her feelings towards me.Now she wont even call me anymore.

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Q: What does it mean when in a long distance relationship your ex calls after a few months and tells you that she still has feelings for you but has a boyfriend and stops talking after you find out?
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Is it ok to talk once a week with your long distance boyfriend?

Unless this is a long distance relationship, you should definitely be talking more often.

What do you do when you boyfriend stops talk to you?

If your boyfriend stops talking to you, unless it's a long distance relationship it's virtually over so just break up with him. You can do so much better.

In the past few days you got close to another guy but you are in a long distance relationship and you love your boyfriend So is that considered as cheating on your boyfriend?

It depends what you mean by close. If you mean just talking and maybe talking about your personal life the most certainly not. If you mean pshyicaly close, then yes.

What to do when your boyfriend thinks your talking to your ex boyfriend?

Tell him to quit being jealous. If you are actually talking to him then say you can still be friends with an ex. If your not talking to your ex then that shows your boyfriend is a little oer protective and controlling. You have the right to talk to anyone you want. Also if your boyfriend doesn't believe that you are not talking to him then maybe your boyfriend has an issue with trust and that's not good for a strong relationship.

If your girlfriend was talking to her ex-boyfriend but it bother you that she continued to talk to him because of her hurtful relationship with him. What would you do or say?

Call off the relationship. If she's still in contact with this guy, then chances are she still has feelings for him. Which most likely means she's sleeping with him behind your back.

How do you break up with your boyfriend nicely?

by talking to them face to face, explaining your feelings (or lack thereof) and parting as friends, but then leaving him to heal and don't play games with him or his feelings.

How do I get my boyfriend to be more affectionate?

You can try talking to your boyfriend and letting him know that you would like more attention from him. Communication is key in any relationship.

How do you know if your prison boyfriend really loves you?

if he sends you letters and he does everything in his power to contact you and he is not afraid to share feelings with you and he always says i love you before he is done talking to you. HOPE IT HELPS MKAE OR BREAK YOUR RELATIONSHIP. BUT HOPEFULLY NOT BREAK

How do you tell if a boyfriend still has feelings for his ex?

Well, this is a tricky thing to tell as if your boyfriend seems bothered or bugged by something; it could be anything. If this is where you get the feeling that he he still has feelings for his ex from, then talk to him about what's bothering him; that's what boyfriends and girlfriends are for.If this isn't why you think he still loves his ex then I say everything can be solved in a mature way through talking about it. If talking about it can't happen then you are missing crucial parts of a relationship that happen to be Trust and Honesty.Remember everyone is different so dating/relationship tips from other people may not be the same for you.Hope this helped -- Adviser147

How can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on me with his sister?

You have to have trust in the relationship. If you do not, then break up. Try talking dirt with the sister.

How should i tell my boyfriend im talking to another guy without him thinking that i like him?

just tell ur boyfriend that he is just a friend and that u don't have any feelings for him

How do you get your ex boyfriend back after a 3 year relationship when you know he still cares?

start to talk to him more and let him realise you still have feelings for him and after talking and finding out what has been happening in his life recently then you should be ready to ask him out:) good luck

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend changes his relationship status to its complicated?

It most likely means that either he is unhappy with something in your relationship or he is talking to someone else

What is distance in a relationship?

Distance can be reffered to as not talking as much, to not seeing as much of each other. Usually this means that there are problems in the relationship. In a sentance, it could be like "me and jenny used to be so close, but now there is this distance between us".

If this guy is in a relationship and you have feelings for him what do you do?

tell him how you feel... that's all you can do... being rude and talking about his girlfriend isn't going to get you anywhere.

Why do your boyfriend talk about you to others?

A) He's showing off that he has a girlfriend B) He's talking about relationship problems C) You were the subject of the conversation D) You need a new boyfriend

What to do if your boyfriend makes you nervous?

If you're boyfriend makes you nervous, try talking to him about what he does that makes you nervous. If he just makes you nervous in general, then I would reconsider the relationship as a whole.

Can you tell her you love her even when she has a boyfriend?

well.. you can, but you should think about everyone else before you just go and blurt out your feelings.. think about what might happen after you tell her, will it be awkward, will it ruin her relationship, will she stop talking to you, will you get together, will her boyfriend bash you? but also think about the pros, it's a hard decision and a hard thing to do, but if it was me, i would tell her.

What you should keep between just you and your boyfriend and what should you share with friends?

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

What if you think your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you?

Depends if you want to rekindle anything. You could try talking with them if this is something your interested in but if not then let things be.

What do you say to an ex-girlfriend who comes to you about problems with her new boyfriend?

Even if you still have feelings for your ex girlfriend you must be strong and walk away, but first tell her SHE made the choice and 'ex' means you are no longer responsible for her problems and you want to stay out of it and she should be talking to her boyfriend (communicating) and not you. This ex of yours may not mean it, but she's draining the energy out of you and has no consideration for your feelings and it's best to walk away. It's time you had fun and had another relationship with someone that respects your feelings.

Why would a boyfriend refer to you as if you are not really present but he is talking about you to you like as if he was telling someone else about you but it is really you he is talking to?

He talks to you in the third person as he is not brave enough to convey his feelings to you directly in the first person

What should you do if you like your friend's boyfriend and think that you deserve him more than she does?

Spend less time talking/hanging out with their boyfriend, and eventually your feelings for him will diminish. You're not a bad person for having feelings, but you would be a bad person for acting on them even though you know he's taken.

Are there any websites you can go and see what your boyfriend has been up to?

No - Communication is a very important factor in a relationship - try talking to him.

What to do when your boyfriend is talking about your ex relationship?

There is nothing that you really can do. All you can do is put on a smile and laugh at whatever is said. Best of luck!