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What does it mean when my 95 Buick Riviera sc starts making a rattling sound from the supercharger?

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September 14, 2011 12:51AM

Usually the rattling sound is a sign that the supercharger is going bad. Basically there is a little coupler in between the supercharger front nose cone and the main supercharger housing. There are around 6 holes in it that connect the front of the supercharger to the back of the supercharger. Over time the round holes will turn oval and it will start making a sound. Once this starts to happen the rest of the supercharger will shortly go bad. You will then need to buy a rebuild supercharger.

you may also want to check the oil level in the super charger as well. there is a check level under the wire harness ,just near the altinator

you will need an Allen wrench to open it ,the oil level should be just as it hits the bottom threads .

You can save money by purchasing a coupler repair kit off eBay. I just bought one that included the coupler, SC oil, gasket sealer, suction device, and a rag for $40. Watch that the directions are not for a M90, the 95 Rivi has a M62. Dont dissassemble the front of the engine thinking you can remove the snout without unbolting the SC from the intake. Just remove the fuel rail and injectors, loosten the 2 screws holding the PS resevior, and unbolt the supercharger. Tilt it up at the snout end enough to get clearence for the snout to be removed over the Alternator bracket. Put a clean rag and around a 2x2 piece of wood or similar and place it under the SC to brace it up in the air so you can remove snout bolts and snout. Separate the snout, replace coupler, regasket, and reuse the SC to intake gasket. 2 HR repair for an average weekend garage guy. I just completed it and my SC is QUIET and runs great! Many good repair shops are not aware of this repair on an M62. The M90 is easier.