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What does it mean when pus comes out of a vaginal bump?


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'''You need to see a doctor.''' YOu may have a Bartholin's cyst, not serious but see a doctor.


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most likely herpes..use a condom they help

Pus indicates infection so see a doctor right away.

If its an old piercing its most likely scar tissue, if its a new piercing its most likely getting infected and there is pus in the bump.

A papule is the medical term for a raised bump on the skin that doesn't have pus or liquid. Examples are warts and heat rash.

get yourself checked, it's most likely an std

The name comes from the Greek word empyein meaning pus-producing (suppurate).

Ew that's gross what you need to do is wash your face with goat milk and put on a clay mask called dog poo mask and then use your pee to rinse it off and for the mean time use cover up (gosh)

If anything comes out of the vagina that's not a clear liquid, you should consult a doctor because that is a sign of a STD (Sexualy Transmited Disease)

There should be no pus coming from your ears. If it is in fact pus (and not just the fluid that normally comes out and coagulates into the crusties you wake up with) you need to go see a professional piercer about it immediately.

yes. the infection from the cervix leaks pus into the vagina which is discharge.

"-pus" is a Greek root which means foot. Hope that helps! ^_^

Pus is a collection of dead skin cells, white blood cells, and bacteria that usually comes out a whitish yellow color.

A papule is a small bump found on the skin that is inflamed but does not produce pus. They can be brown, pink, red, or purple in color.

it means that what ever the area the pus is coming out from is infected. you should disinfect it imminently

Several STDs cause discharge; chlamydia, gonorrhea (a white or yellow green pus), or trichomoniasis (gray or yellow green pus and smells fishy). You need to check this out with your doctor.

A zit looks like a tiny red bump. Zits can be tender or painful and will develop a head that is filled with pus.

Mostly pus and maybe sometimes blood but not a lot to be honest with you. :)

Pus is a sign of an infection no matter where it is located on the human body. Therefore it is not normal and must be treated with the appropriate medication or procedure (if it needs drained and packed). It's possible you could have pus confused with vaginal discharge which is normal unless it has a different or strong odor or is a strange color like greenish or yellowish or brownish or both of the above. If this is the case, you should consult your doctor to be tested for STDs or other vaginal infections, such as yeast infection.

Pus in the urine, or pyuria, refers to the presence of white blood cells in the urine.

A sty or stye is a painful infection on the eyelid. It is a small red bump that is filled with pus and many times will look a lot like a pimple.

This is an indication of an infection in your dog's eye - if it doesn't resolve in a couple of days you should take him to the vet.

no it comes from a nipple, but people concentrate it enough to where its basically pus

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