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She asking if you felt sparks flying or if you didn't feel anything in the kiss

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What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

What does it means when boyfriend asks to kiss you?

It means that he wants to kiss you.

What does a guy do when a girl says kiss me?

Don't kiss her because she asks, kiss her because YOUwant to.

What shrubbery asks for people to kiss?


What do you do if your boyfriend asks you to kiss him?

You say yes or no

Do Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart kiss in new moon?

i have seen it at the begining Bella asks Edward to do it and he does it she asks for a kiss on her birthday hope it helped.

What are cute responses after you're asked out?

Girl asks guy out, kiss her on the cheek. Guy asks girl out, say "we'll see" and blow him a kiss.

What do you do when a boy asks for a kiss?

If your comfortable enough & everything is going good, then you kiss the heck out of him :)

In 8TH grade if a guy asks you out and you said yes do you kiss or hug?

Well if he asks you out, you should hug after the moment. Don't just kiss at the first moment.

How do you get a kiss from someone?

You look the person in the eyes and if they felt about you in that way then they would kiss you.

When a woman asks if you want to kiss her and when what does that mean?

she has a feeling for you

What does it mean when a guy asks for a hug and then a kiss and then after that says he wants to cuddlexx?

When a guy asks for hug , then a kiss and then wants to cuddle, he will eventually tell you that all he needs is sex.

Why does Mayella kiss Tom?

She felt lonely

Do you kiss them when they ask you?

you should only kiss someone when you feel ready to. If someone asks you and you don't think your ready, don't kiss them

What would you do if a girls asks you to kiss?

Just kiss her she's probably under stress and needs love

Does kids kiss?

Yes. They can kiss anything, and they do.

What to do when a guy asks for a kiss in public?

Kiss him. My boyfriend loves to kiss me, and we kiss anywhere. If you do not want to french kiss him in public, then just do a peck. I french kiss my boyfriend in public and I think it is nothing wrong with that.

If a guy asks you for a kiss does that mean he likes you?

i think so.

Does a kiss cam kiss mean anything my friend and I were at a college basketball game and during half time break they had something called the kiss cam and it goes around the stadium looking for you?

The kiss cam is just for fun- nothing serious.

What do you do if a guy asks you if you want to frenchy?

If you want to french kiss him (tongue kiss), go ahead and do it. Otherwise tell him to back off.

What does it mean when a guy asks if you are a good kisser?

he just means he wants to kiss you

Will a boy kiss you before he asks you out if your friends?

Yes that usually comes before.

What is the quote from eclipse where Bella asks Jacob to kiss her?

Page 525. "Will you kiss me, Jacob?" His eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed suspiciously. "Your bluffing." "Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back." ---The kiss lasts from pgs. 525 to 529.

When you've been friends with a boy for a while and he asks you to the movies does that mean he wants to date you and will he kiss you?

It depends on how he asks but usually no if you have known him forever

What can be felt yet has neither length breadth nor thickness?

A Kiss