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What does it mean when she stops being affectionate?

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When a woman stops being affectionate, it can mean that she is going through the stage of menapause. Men go through this stage too but it is more affective on women. This menapause keeps a woman from being affectionate and there could be side affects of mood swings and sudden heat urges. It can even get to the point that she feels like she is loosing love to a man but every woman is different. This can last three to five years and it is a sign to the woman that once she is done with menapause, she will be done with her MP. Affectionate: Having or showing fond feelings or affection; loving; tender. A fond or tender feeling toward another. Feeling or emotion. Any pathological condition of the mind or body. The act of influencing, affecting, or acting upon.

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What does it mean when he stops being so affectionate?

He doesnt like you

What if your boyfriend stops being as affectionate as he was toward the beginning of the relationship?

everyone will start liking him again.<3

When a guy puts his arms around you want does it mean?

He wants to get closer to you, being affectionate =]

Your boyfriend is not as affectionate towards you as he used to be?

try being more affectionate with him

What does it mean if your boyfriend stops being as affectionate as he was toward the beginning of the relationship?

Maybe he is comfortable with you. There is always a really exaggerated romantic part in the beginning that dies down when your relationship becomes more natural and comfortable. Or, maybe he isn't as interested in you as he once was...

If your boyfriend suddenly stops being affectionate and avoids being romantic and he seems to be thinking about something during sex does it mean he is cheating?

It doesn't mean that he is cheating, but it is possible. If this is happening and it is bothering you you need to have a conversation with him about how it is making you feel. You shouldn't accuse him of cheating on you, but rather ask him why his behaviour has changed. There can be many reasons for such a change of behaviour, one of which could be cheating.

What does aneesa mean in Islam?


What does desensitizes mean?

Stops someone being sensitive/feeling/emotional

What does having affectionate qualities mean?


What does amorosa mean in spanish?

Translation: Affectionate

Does affectionate mean the same as slope?

No. Affectionate deals with loving and caring. Slope is referring to something on an angle or slanting.

What does affectionate mean?

Affectionate means capable of displaying their feeling towards another person like caring, loving, ect.

What does the name Philemon mean?

Philemon is Greek for "affectionate."

What does it mean when a guy is affectionate to a girl?

He really cares about you

My BF doesn't like being affectionate in public we are a gay couple I dont want to go back in the closet for him what should I do?

Well, this doesnt mean you have to hide yourself again. If he doesn't want to be affectionate, just let it be. Besides, its most likely because he just doesn't like to be affectionate in general, and who its with doesn't matter

What function does fibre have in the body?

it stops you from being stops you from being constipated.

What does it mean when a guy grabs your butt?

That really depends on who the guy is, if its your boyfriend then hes probably being affectionate or feeling frisky, if its your boss its sexual harassment.

What does it mean when your boyfriend get extremely close to your face?

If he's looking at your lips he wants to kiss you. If he's looking at your eyes he's just being affectionate.

How do I get more affection?

Try to being more affectionate yourself first.

What phobia is the fear of being intimately affectionate?

Genophobia is the fear of sex

Why do horses put their head on your shoulder?

It's their way of being affectionate.

What is the comparative of affectionate?

"Affectionate" doesn't have a comparative and superlative form. Instead, you would say "more affectionate" or "most affectionate."

What is comparative and superlative of affectionate?

more affectionate, most affectionate

What is the comparative and superlative degree of affectionate?

more affectionate, most affectionate

What does coucou mean in french?

Coucou eans a affectionate salutation with a surprise