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What does it mean when someone asks a boy if he likes you and he doesn't say anything?


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He likes you and is just a bit shy to say so

P.S if you have a date hope it goes well

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A lot of the times yes, but it doesnt really mean anything.

ok ok ok the girl has to ask the guy ok im a guy i know the girl asks the guy about in love the guy asks the girl about marriage though.

There is only one way to know if a guy likes someone unless you or someone asks him.

If she asks you to buy her anything, she's just playing you.

write the word "anything" to the spot indicated lol

sometimes it means that they like u or they like someone else.

She asks Holden to name one thing that he likes. Holden hesitates to think of anything but says he likes talking to her [Phoebe]

Everytime he asks you to do anything, (borrow a book, whatever) tell him that you only do that for boys that like you.

If he doesn't do anything with it, ignore it (but be be nice if he talks to you casually), and if he asks you out, just tell him the truth. "I like you, but not the way you like me," just put it like that.

The girl should ask one of his friends if he likes her and if its a no then she needs to try be his best friend so that she could inpress him but she doesnt need to be nerves about it! she should asks one of his friends and get the real truth...because youu never know it might be a rumor

It might but might not. guys can be more nicer than girls sometimes. Just cause he asks doesnt mean anything. It just means that he has a good heart and just wants you to feel better.

No they have to give more signs than just asking for help.

It can mean that there just doing a nice gesture or he/she likes you and that's there way of showing it

Because a boy says he loves you doesnt always mean he loves you. That doesnt mean that he doesnt THINK he loves you and it could just be puppy love but if even tells his ex girlfiend that he does love you, then I wouldn't worry about anything. He's totally into you!

even if you figure out that he likes you then, you still have to wait for him to ask you out...so don't worry about it until he asks you out...

If the boy is SHOWING that he likes you he most likely does.. and if he doesnt answer then he prolly does but doesnt want anyone to know cause he is most likely a vey shy person when it comes to that kind of situation.

In episode 15, one of Rukia's friends at school asks her, "Do you like Ichigo?" And then in episode 146, Nel asks her, "What is your relationship with Ichigo?" like she's jealous of their interaction.

Okay, just because he's had two girlfriends doesnt mean he's not into you. He could be, but love doesnt always last forever. I say, that if he asks you to go out and you feel its right and want to go out with him then say yes and try to keep the baggage out. If it really bothers you, talk to him about it or don't go through with it. Just remember, even if someone has been with someone else, doesnt always mean they dont like you now

If this girl likes to hang around you or talks to you alot or asks help on homework then....She totally likes you! Just be careful and do'nt embarrse your self if she just so happens to not like you..If she doesnt lkike you then move on you can way better.

He either: Likes you-if he blushes at you when he asks Or a friend of his likes you and is too shy to ask you himself

You might be talking about the movie Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway.

They are asking if you would do basically anything for a date. of if you are so desperate for someone that you would date almost anyone

If he asks you if you like him jus say i have a boyfriend so you wont hurt his feelings if you dont like him. & saying the same thing will pretty much work for anything he asks.

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