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believe the crush and when you. do tell your crush you like him or her

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Q: What does it mean when someone says your crush likes you but your crush says that they like you as a friend?
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If your friend likes someone and that someone likes you and you like him back what do you do But the guy that you and your friend like has a crush on your mom what do you do?

Punt. Someone is a bit perverted here. Find new friends.

Should I give up if my crush likes my friend when he already knows I like him?

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

How can you tell if your crush likes someone else?

get with another lad to try and make your crush jealous if it doesn't work then he likes someone else or get a friend to ask him if he likes someone and if he does tell your friend to ask him who he likes. if he doesn't like you then move on you can find somebody better then him, somebody that actually loves you.

What if your crush friend' told you that he likes you that a possibility that your crush likes you back?

well, it depends on who you think that your crush is, and what he thinks of you. it mainly just what one percepts of someone else. so, if your crush's friend is an honest person, and obey's his/her friends, then im pretty sure that he does like you.

How do you get your crush to like you if they like someone else For example my crush likes my best friend. What do I do?

Technicaly, you can't GET someone to like you. But, you can always be nice, maybe (non-obviously) flirt a little, then, (maybe), eventualy, they might like you. Ta-Da!

What do you do when you like someone who likes your best friend?

Think about any qualities that you share with your friend and embrace them. If your friend doesn't like your crush don't say that to your crush but tell people who you know will tell your crush. If that doesn't work than just wait. But don't forget that there are a lot of other people out there

How you tell your crush you like them?

Ask your friend to tell your crush that she heard a rumor that you like your crush. If your too shy to make your friend do this, ask your friend to say to your crush that she heard a rumor that your crush likes you. Then see what he/she says.

Find out if your crush likes you?

Simply just ask your crush wether or not they like you or have someone do it for you. For instance have your friend go up to your crush and say a little someting to get her to tell but just dont blirt it out.

What to do if you like your best friend's crush?

if there is a chance of your friend being with their crush back off if there is not or only a small chance or their crush likes you then tell your friend i told my best friend she was fine with it i mean its only a crush its not like they are actually dating

What to do if you think your crush likes you but kind of likes your best friend?

Ask your friend if she's seen your crush staring at her or something like that...this next suggestion is terrible, but maybe you should ask him if he likes her....?

If you have a crush on a guy and you have a friend ask him if he likes you and he says yuck could he actually like you if he told you he liked someone else?

There is a possibility.

Crush on someone who seems to like talking to you how can you tell if she likes you or just likes you as a friend?

if u catch her looking at you in the corner of your eye, than she, 4 SURE, likes you more than a friend! also, if your the brave type, JUST ASK HER! :-)

If someone likes you but you like their best friend how do you win your crush?

If u like someone and their best friend likes u this is wat u need to do; first: explain to the person you like that their best friend likes you, second: explain to the person that likes you that you dont have feelings for them in that way and that you would just like to be friends, third: talk to the person u like, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. jk bout the last part

What to do if the girl you like likes your best friend but he is not interested in her?

You roll with it until her crush goes away. Eventually she'll get over it if your friend doesn't like her back. In the meanwhile try to find someone else to like.

Your crush knows you like him since your friend told him and your crush's friend asks you if you like your crush and he says your crush asked him to ask you does your crush like you?

Okay, I think I followed this; yes, if your crush's friend is asking you if you like your crush. YOUR CRUSH IS DESPERATE! otherwise he/she would probably try to keep cool and find out themself. I think this means your crush likes you.

Should you ask your crush's friend if your crush likes you?

Yes you can do that but you have to make sure that your crush's friend wont tell your crush, because then if your crush doesn't like you it might be weird to be around that person.

What if the friend of the guy you like won't tell you who your crush likes what does it mean?

This situation can branch off into two and you might not like one of them: Either 1) His friend won't tell you because your crush might have told him he likes you but doesn't want you to know. or 2) Your crush's friend knows that your crush likes someone else and doesn't want your feelings to be hurt so he isn't going to tell you. Sorry, but I hope it ends up being that he's shy :[ Good luck

What do you do when your friend's crush likes you and you like them back?

See if your friend would care or be loyal to your friend and not like them till she is over them

How do you get someone to ask your best friend out?

you have to make them like that person. like say good things about your friend. things that are like the your best friend like does the person you bf likes like cars and does your bfs crush like cars if they do then just tell them something that they have in common.

What happens if your friend has a crush on your crush and it makes you want to cry since it seems your crush likes your friend more than they like you?

Tell your friend that you Kirk him and she's just being mean. If you want to be mean to your friend tell the guy that she likes someone else, u wouldn't do that cuz you may ruin your friendship. Start talking about how much you "hate" that guy and how "gross and wierd" he is and try to change her mind about him.

What do you say to your crush that likes you back?

I like this girl whos friend came and asked me if i liked my crush, which from my experience means that my crush likes me. WHAT DO I DO???? IM 13 this is my first oppotunity to get a girlfriend that i like. HELP!!

How do you make your crush like you if he likes another girl?

You can't make anyone like you. Liking someone is a choice. Just be his friend and that may turn into something more.

If your friend asks your crush if he likes you and he says not really she's more like my friend could he be lying that he likes you?

No. He likes you only as a friend. You can't MAKE somebody like you. Just be yourself, and love will find you.

Should you tell your friend to go ask your crush who they like?

only if your 12 No that is a very childish thing to do. if you like him tell him dont get someone to ask him who he likes.

You like someone but your friend really likes him to what do you do?

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend