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It means they are probably expecting an answer in return

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Q: What does it mean when someone writes love you with 2 dots at the end?
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What does it mean when someone writes their name and onother person's name on a candle?

There in love <3

What does 'love always' mean when someone writes that to you?

Love Always - I'll always Love you. *Whenever i use that term, i usually use it at the end of a letter to someone. Love Always, Kayleigh :) ^

What does mean when someone writes k?


What does it mean when someone has red dots on their face?


When someone writes sigh what does it mean?

They want you to ask them.

What does correspondent mean?

correspondent means someone who writes letters.

What does it mean when a guy writes a note to you that says I Love You?

he definatly likes you

What is the difference between to be in love with someone and to love someone?

In love someone mean you like her/him and get to know the person To love someone mean you give all your love to someone you care and she/he love you back

What does Edgar Allan Poe mean when he writes Although the love were thine in To the Lake?

Its a love story

What does that mean if a guy writes something on a paper and folds it and writes your name outside the paper but tells someone to give it to you?

he is shy

What does 3 dots tattooed on a face mean?

they've killed someone. If they are tears ?

When you say someone is in love with being in love what does it mean?

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

What does poet of people mean?

It means someone who writes poetry about ordinary events.

What does it mean when you get an ultra sound and someone circles black dots in red?

It is a sign of an abnormality

What does love you mean?

Love you, it means, someone loves you!

What does it mean when you have white dots on virgina?

what does it mean when you have white dots on your virgina

What does it mean if a boy writes i love you nigyah in your yearbook?

It probably means he loves you or he is being sarcastic.

What does forsworn love mean?

To deny that you love someone - to renounce your love

What does it mean if someone writes you a message with six exclamation points?

It means they are making a point or are excited.

What does it mean if someone has a dream about you and a guy?

You want to be in love with someone, or you are falling in love now.

What is verbal or written bullying?

verbal bullying is when someone is being teased and written bullying is when someone writes mean and hurtful things

What if someone say they got love for you?

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you

What does it mean if you dream about kissing someone your in love with?

you love them! :P

What does love you unconditionally mean?

To love someone regardless of what they have done.

What does it mean when someone says I have nothing but love for you?

It means that they love you.