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I had the same problem. The warning light sensor located in the trunk behind the carpet behind the left panel is your problem if you have lights out. You have to break it off to get to it. Dont worry it wont break it. You will find many wires leading to and from it. Get a clamp to connect the two wires together. Connect the green-red wire to the green-white wire. The light will stay on but it fixed my brake lights on my car. The light means you have a bad bulb in the system. Check all of the front and rear lights. (signal ,brake ,park ,tail etc.) Just this past two weeks I've had trouble with my lights. I have checked and replaced bulbs, and all are essentially working. I also replaced one of the tail/brake light assemblies for a few bucks. Periodically, one of my brake lights will not illuminate when pedal is first depressed. Try cleaning contacts and using some bulb grease. I'm thinking that some moisture may be causing the trouble. My "Lights" indicator is still on but all bulbs are working and fuses are ok. My final fix, this morning, was a one and a half inch piece of electrical tape... on the instrument window. I no longer see the "Lights" Matthew Norfolk, VA

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Q: What does it mean when the 'lights' light on the dashboard is illuminated on a 1988 Toyota Camry?
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ur mamas house :)

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You need the fuse box.

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In the owner's manual. It must be in the glove box.

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It mean Hi

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The ECU in a Toyota Camry is located underneath the dashboard.

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i have light that lights up with a car symbol that shows that maybe the light or out don't know what it is.

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my dashboard lights went out, changed fuses, they worked for one day then went out again,all fuses are good.

Toyota Camry dashboard light gas can?

This means that the fuel level is low.

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A video monitor front on a Toyota Camry is the display in the center of the front dashboard. This allows you to view the images from your backup camera.

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The flasher is a rectangular unit located under the dashboard on the "kick" panel, to the left of the driver's left foot.

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ABS, check engine.

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