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Q: What does it mean when the baby has dropped four firths in to your pelvis?
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Types of pelvis?

There are four types of pelvic shapes. They are the gynecoid pelvis, android pelvis, anthropoid pelvis and the platypelloid pelvis.

What are the four parts of the pelvis?

Why is the pelvis of a four legged animal less massive than a humans?

a four legged animal's pelvis doesn't have to support as much weight

What 3 structres make up a kidney?

There are actually four components and they are the cortex, medulla, pelvis, and hilus.

What is the difference between pelvis and pelvic girdle?

the pelvic girdle consist only of two hip bones while pelvis include four bones the right and left hip bones and the sacrum and coccyx

Where are the four items Mario dropped on luigis mansion?

Mario dropped five items (i think) He dropped marios hat,a glove, a letter, a star, and a shoe. YOUR WELCOME :)

What does four fifths palpable mean in pregnancy?

It represents how much your babys head is engaged in the pelvis. Four fifths palpable equals one fifth engaged.

What has a baby goat have four of?


Can a dog have a baby in four days?


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Who sang sherry baby?

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Why do four legged animals have a smaller pelvis?

Pelvic size generally correlates with the size of the animal and varies with the structure of the animal and how it uses it's limbs for locomotion. The size, structure and orientation of a bipedal animal's pelvis is allows for vertical attachments of the bones and muscles of the legs...

How many months can a baby crawl?

4. Four months . You'd have to wait four months until your baby's legs grow long enough to crawl. Also the baby has to learn to crawl.

How much is your baby soppose to weigh at four months?

all babies grow at different rates. At four months my baby was around 12 lbs.

What is the weight of a baby eel?

Three to four pounds

Can you see a baby on a ultra sound at four weeks?


What is a four letter word of baby hen?


How tall are baby llamas?

An average of four feet

Who sang the song something about you baby?

The Four Tops

When does the sex of the baby show?

about four to five months

When do you find out the gender of your baby?

After about four months of pregnancy.

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How long do baby platypus nurse for?

baby platypus nurse for approx three to four months

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