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Typically it means that someting is wrong with the alternator. The vehicle will continue to run until the energy stored in the battery is depleated.

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Ford F-250 battery idiot light comes on and then goes off?

Check your alternator, load test the battery, and if all else, just ignore it until the light stays on full time.

Battery light comes on?

Battery Idiot LightIf by battery light you mean the instrument panel charging system warning light, then that means that more electricity is flowing out of the battery than is being put into it.The charging system is not putting out as much electricity as the electrical system is using. In other words, the battery is being "drained" rather than being charged.

Will battery idiot light come on if battery is low but alternator is ok?

No. If the alternator is working fine, the battery power is not used.

What does it mean when your battery light and airbag light comes on in your car?

the battery light means that your battery is being charged properly. so let it light.

Why does a battery light stays on in a 1994 thunderbird?

If your engine is running , and the battery light comes on , that indicates that your battery is not being charged

How many mile does a Ford Transit do when the diesel light comes on?

How many mile does a ford transit do when the diesel light comes on?Read more: How_many_mile_does_a_ford_transit_do_when_the_diesel_light_comes_on

What does it mean when the battery light comes on in a 1988 f150?

Your battery is not being charged

What causes battery warning light to stay on on a peugeot 106 diesel?

It means that the generator is not charging the battery, and needs to be looked at.

Why do your battery light comes on after you install a new battery?

Defective alternator or bad wiring.

93 Lexus sc 400 battery light on?

The battery light usually comes on if there is a charging system problem Either battery or alternator are the usual causes.

Why would your battery light stay on after you have put in a new battery and alternator?

The battery light comes on when the alternator output voltage is too low or too high. You have a wiring or regulator problem.The battery light comes on when the alternator output voltage is too low or too high. You have a wiring or regulator problem.

What could be wrong if my battery light comes on?

Faulty Alternator?

What would cause a 1996 dodge ram 3500 with the diesel cruise control to not set but light comes on?

Check for a broken vaccum line near or under the driver side battery area.

Battery light comes on when you try to start car?

If the battery light comes on when you try to start your car, either your battery is low or your alternator is going bad. These can be checked by going to an Advance Auto or Auto Zone, they will test it for you for free.

What does a low battery sign look like for a 2005 impala?

There is no low battery light. There is however a light that comes on when the charging system has malfunctioned.

What does it mean when battery light comes on for a 2002 ford windstar?

alternator is not charging battery, or loose - corroded connection on battery cables

Mazda mx3 1994 4 cylinder your battery light is coming on along with engine electrical light sometimes you replaced the battery and the battery light still comes on sometimes along with the engine ele?


Car battery light comes on what can cause?

alternator faulty

What do I look for when the gas gauge drops to empty the abs light comes on the air bag light comes on and the message center reads battery service 4wd and low fuel?

check the alternator and battery.

Why Battery light on dashboard comes on for a 2000 Pontiac Montana?

that light usually means that the battery is going bad or that your alternator isn't charging anymore

What does it mean when my Renault Laguna battery charge warning light comes on aswell as the stop light?

Your alternator is defective and not recharging the battery. Have the alternator checked.

Can cold weather cause a battery light to come on?

No, the battery light comes on when there is a problem with the charging system. More than likely the alternator is defective.

Why would the battery light on a Clio 1.2l always flash even though when it was serviced there was nothing wrong with it?

on my old 1.2 clio the battery light came on as there was fault with the alternator and it needed replacing. As far as i know the battery light comes on when the battery is not charging or there is a fault with the battery.

Why would battery light go on in a 2005 caravan while driving?

Usually when the battery light comes on its the Alternator, or a bad wire from Alternator to battery, but id check Alternator first.

1997 GMC Sierra Battery light comes on?

Have your alternator checked. It could also be a bad cell in the battery.

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