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What does it mean when the battery light comes on?


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Usually it means that the alternator isn't charging the battery. Batteries store electricity and the alternator uses energy from the engine to produce electrical energy for all of the devices in the vehicle and to recharge the battery. If the alternator isn't working the battery will eventually loose it's charge and you will not be able to start the vehicle.


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the battery light means that your battery is being charged properly. so let it light.

That typically means that the alternator is not functioning.

alternator is not charging battery, or loose - corroded connection on battery cables

Your battery isn't being charged or accepting a charge

Your alternator is defective and not recharging the battery. Have the alternator checked.

The alternator is over or under charging.

battery is loosing power, probably there is power thief

A low battery can cause the electrical system to flash check engine lights

It indicates that your battery is not being charged and that you need to have the electrical system checked.

If your engine is running , and the battery light comes on , that indicates that your battery is not being charged

Most cases the battery light comes on because the alternator isn't charging. The alternator may need replaced as well as the battery. It may be something more simple as a poor connection.

It is possible that your alternator might be going out. It also could be a problem with your battery. You should have it checked by a professional or you could be stranded .

it means the light on a battery of a computer or cell phone

Battery Idiot LightIf by battery light you mean the instrument panel charging system warning light, then that means that more electricity is flowing out of the battery than is being put into it.The charging system is not putting out as much electricity as the electrical system is using. In other words, the battery is being "drained" rather than being charged.

have an alternator, battery, and electrical check to find out what the problem is. battery may not be taking a charge, or the alternator is not putting out enough voltage.

There appears to be a problem with 2001 Hyundai Accent electrical system. IE: When I turn on my ignition, the radio comes on. Have checked.

What does it mean when the airbag light and battery light on 1999 Ford Escort flashes?

Very confusing question. I assume you mean what light comes on when the batteries is defective. If that is the case then the red battery warning or charging system warning light may come on. And then again the light may not come on at all. The light is there to warn you about a problem with the charging system and not necessarily with the battery.

The battery light means your battery is low. You should go to a mechanics.

It means there is a problem with the charging system. Normally a bad alternator.

It comes on when there is a problem with the charging system. Most of the time it means the alternator has failed.

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