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Check the fluid level in the master cylinder.

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Q: What does it mean when the brake light comes on when braking for a 1998 Mazda 626 V6 engine 2-wheel drive?
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What speeds do you down shift on motorcycles?

Depends on the bike and it's gearing. At around 30mph, i will downshift from 4th to 3rd for engine braking. At around 18mph, I will downshift from 3rd to second for engine braking. I will not engine brake into first gear.

Where is the brake fluid reservoir in a 1989 Mazda 626?

The brake fluid reservoir on a 1989 Mazda 626 is on the master cylinder. This is located in the engine compartment on the drivers side.

Why does 2012 Ford engine rev up after braking?

My guess would be that the vehicle has a bad power brake booster.

Where is the brake proportional valve located on a Mazda Protege 1995?

behind the engine on the firewall

Bad brake booster?

A bad brake booster will cause a vacuum leak, result in poor braking, and even poor engine performance. The brake booster has a large diaphragm which can fail and leak.

What is the present participle of brake?

Braking is the present participle of brake.

Would a blown brake line affect the start of a 1992 Mazda truck?

Brake lines are in no way connected to the engine. Brakes are a hydraulic system and is separate from the engine. "IF" you are talking about a vacuum line, you may have trouble starting or runnning the engine. There is a vacuum booster behind the brake master cylinder. The vacuum or suction from the engine pulls on a rubber diaphragm to assist with braking, If the line or hose is broken, you will have some trouble with the idle. It would normally increase in this situation as the engine is getting more air through the hose instead of through the air filter.

Grinding noise when braking?

A grinding noise when braking can occur when the brake pads are going bad. You are hearing the brake grinding on the metal discs.

What kind of braking system uses a brake booster?

Brake boosters are found on car braking systems, to help the brakes to stop the car. They work on the disc brakes, using a vacuum supply to add to the hydraulic braking system. On petrol engines the engine may provide the vacuum, on diesel engines there needs to be a separate pump.

Can you fit a Mazda Bp engine into a Mazda 121 If so where can i get info on doing this?

Yes, You can it. only fabricated right engine mount and move brake disty box. use stock gearbox.

What is Jake braking?

to truck drivers to hit the Jake brake is to pull on a handle on t he sterring column and shut down the engine

Mazda B2300 1997 the brakes do not work when the engine is running?

I would check the power brake booster

Which brake do you use on a motorcycle?

You use both front and back brake for braking.

If your car brakes fail what do you do?

Try to reduce speed through engine braking. Try the parking brake. Aim for something cheap and soft,

What are two reasons for using downshift in a car?

To help stop the car by using the braking power of the engine. To save your brake pads from wear.

How does Arctic Cat engine braking system work?

There is a break disc attached to cogshaft which drives the track. An hydrolically opperated caliper is controlled by the brake handle and in turn squeezes the brake disc,

How do you make the check engine light go out on a Mazda 626?

Remove negative cable hold brake for 30 seconds- engine light will go out

Transmission braking with Allison?

Many Allison electronic transmissions can be programmed to down shift to 4th gear or lower when the engine or exhaust brake is activated.This increases the braking effect with the lower gear ratio's.

Brake fluid location in 1992 Mazda mpv?

Brake fluid location in 1992 Mazda mpv

How do you remove brake drum on 1991 Mazda 323?

how do remove the brake drum on a 1991 mazda 323

When going down a steep hill should you use the engine or brakes?

Nether what you should do is just take your foot off the gas and let it roll down the hill to its destination.My answer:When going downhill it may be necessary to slow down to maintain steering control. Using brakes only on a long steep decline can cause the brakes to heat up and fail. Any gasoline engine or a diesel engine equipped with a "Jake Brake" can provide additional braking without heating the brakes. With many automatic transmissions it is necessary to manually select a low gear. Manual transmission drivers will do this automatically. With 2WD vehicles there are additional considerations when using engine to brake in slick conditions:Regardless of front or rear drive, it is usually best to cease engine braking before entering a curve. The regular brake and especially ABS will distribute braking more equally and are less likely to cause understeer than FWD engine braking or oversteer compared to RWD engine braking.

Why does the Honda c70 brake when you downshift?

Don't downshift at 30mph like an @sshole. Get down to 10mph before you get into 2nd, 5 before you get into 1st. I just hope you realize that's engine braking (not shoe/wheel braking), so you're just building up stress on your engine.

What is the minimum brake rotor thickness for a 2001 Mazda Protege?

With the 1.6 engine, discard at or under .787".With the 1.8 or the 2.0 engine, discard at or under .866".

Where is the brake fluid reservoir on BMW 525i?

The brake fluid reservoir on a BMW 525i is located along the right, rear of the engine compartment. It is connected to the power booster which aids in braking via vacuum pressure.

How do you reset brake light on 2000 grand am se?

you can't reset the brake light the computer automatically detects problems so if it hasn't shut off after a few engine cycles there is a problem with your braking system