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That sounds like a slipping clutch or auto transmission. In either case you need some work.

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Q: What does it mean when the car revs high and the speed does not keep up?
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How do you know what gear I'm in on a motorcycle?

If it has no display for gears, and you don't count them in your head, you can only tell it by the speed you are going and the amount of revs, but only if you are quite experienced. Which gear you are in is quite irrelevant however. What matters is that your revs aren't to high or to low for the speed that you are traveling or for the power that you require.

What does it mean to rev up an engine?

To increase the speed of the engine, which is measured in 'revolutions per minute' - shortened to RPM or 'revs'.

What does a racing cdi do?

it basically lets the bike work at higher revs, for example on mine it gives it unlimited revs, so it wont stop at about 6000rpm like a normal bike but just keep going, it can be bad because if the revs get too high the engine may explode

Why two stroke engines are hi-speed engines and four stroke engines are hi-torque engines?

generally , two strokes are smaller capacity , shorter stroke, higher revs. for given engine capacity , long stroke /small bore = high torque / low revs short stroke/big bore = low torque / high revs

What do they mean by revs like say 6000 revs?

Rpms, revolutions per minute.

What does revs mean in cars?


What happens if you drive second gear at top speed?

The powertrain control module will start cutting back on the fuel if the engine revs are going too high

What causes a 1994 Astro to stall on low revs and on idle speed when it runs fine on freeways and higher revs?

Possibly a stuck or sticking EGR valve.

What causes a 1991 Mercury Tracer to only go 50 mph and when you try to increase the speed the motor revs up but the speed does not increase?

Sounds like transmission trouble. May be transmission is not upshifting into high gear

What are the merits and demerits of plate clutch?

Pro: you are able to change gear when your engine revs are different from your transmission revs. Con: when torque is high or the difference in revs (see above) is too big, it will slip.

You cleaned your carburetor now your bike revs hard?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Hard" but if it's reving high adjust your idiling screw.

What does it mean when your car revs when you brake?

The vehicle speed sensor is a common failiure of this symptom. It is located on the gear box, often just un-plugging it will cure the problem

Why your 1997 Astro van revs very high?

Vacuum leak?

How do you jump start a Renault laguna?

put the key card in put it in first keep your clutch down pick up some speed and let clutch out quick giving it some revs

What does it mean when your driving along and the message Automatic gearbox Fault displays on the dashboard?

it can mean serious problems. If the gearbox has gone into limp mode it will take a long time to build up speed because it only uses 3rd gear in drive. reverse will still work. The tiptronic will not work. The revs will be high on the motorway.

How does vtec help?

it depends on the engine. generally it boosts the performance at high revs

Why is your A Class Mercedes revs high?

you are stepping on the gas peddle too hard

What is the purpose of the differential gear at the front of a Bristol Hercules aero engine?

It was not strictly a differential gear, it was a reduction gear to reduce the relatively high engine revs by a fixed amount so that at full throttle at maximum speed in fine pitch the propeller tips would not go supersonic and break up through unstable shock wave generation. All high power propeller aero-engines had one, both piston types and turbo-props, especially turbo-props of which the turbine speed was very very much higher than the permissible propeller speed. Variable pitch controlled the speed of the propeller by varying the angle at which the blades met the airflow, the reduction gear was a fixed ratio which in turn governed the engine revs. Fine pitch = high revs, Coarse pitch = low revs. Engines like Hercules,Centaurus, Proteus (turbo-prop), Merlin, Griffon, etc. and their American counterparts all had one.

Your car has high revs even after you have taken your foot off the accelerator what does this mean?

throttle plate stuck? I'm not sure. When I'm driving, I take my foot off the gas and the car jerks and when I have to stop and I push on the brakes the car revs and jerks forward and occasionally stalls

Why does your 50cc 2 stroke scooter cut out at high revs. It goes 70kph plus downhill but when on the flat the scooter will accelerate well and then at a point the revs drop and it goes no faster?

it has a governor or rev limiter which is there so you don't blow the engine up and the minibike is probably topped out on top speed at 70 anyways

Saturn idles revs high?

Year? Replace ECTS and clean the throttle body

What cause your riding mower to idle up and down when am mowering?

When mowing it will idle up and down because of the amount and thickness of grass you are cutting. This is because the blades will struggle cutting thick grass so the engine needs more revs to keep the blades running at a constant speed and that is also why your mower may slow down because it has used the majority of revs to cut the grass and their are not many revs left to keep the wheels spinning The up and down revving could also be caused by a dirty/clogged air filter.

How do you know if you need a new clutch if the gears change all right and the clutch doesnt slip but you have loss of speed when you change into third gear or go uphill?

If the revs decrease as the speed decreases (in 3rd & uphill) then its not slipping, you don't need a new clutch, but if you are in any gear and the revs are increasing while the speed is decreasing, then the clutch is slipping.

What does it mean if engine revs when accelerating?

Manuel transmission? You need a new clutch.

Why does Loose accelerator cable do high revs on Mazda Demio?

Its probably the throttle position switch.