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When the exclamation symbol comes on on your dashboard it means there is something in your engine that is not functioning properly. Unfortunately, to find out what the malfunction is, you have to take your vehicle to a mechanic. They have diagnostic tools to find out what the problem is.

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2013-09-16 17:38:44
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Q: What does it mean when the exclamation symbol light goes on on your dashboard?
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What symbol goes first exclamation point or question mark when you are doing both?

Question mark.

What is the Yellow symbol with exclamation point in middle?

The yellow symbol with exclamation mark in the center is simply a warning light indicating that one or more of your wheels are spinning and have lost traction, the light goes on to tell you either: 1. You have lost traction and the car is working to coorect it (by reducing power to the dif or applying brakes) 2.The car has lost traction and you need to correct it

What does the red exclamation mark mean on a ford ka dashboard?

Usually it means an Engine Problem. Get it checked out before something goes terribly wrong.

What does the little semi circle light with exclamation sign mean when it goes on?

low tire pressure

What does the exclamation point light on the dashboard of a volkswagen jetta mean?

This is the anti-slip regulation system which improves the car's traction on slippery surfaces. It goes on if the ASR system is triggered by slick roads. It also stays lit if there is a problem with the system.

How do you fix yellow triangle with an exclamation point for BMW 328i?

i have a circular light on with an exclamation mark inside i have a 2006 330i bmw what does that mean it pops on and then goes off

What to do when your dashboard light goes on a Grand AM?

i would check fuses that's all i got lol

What is malfunction indicator light?

A malfunction indicator light is also known as a check engine light. It is a light on the dashboard of a car that goes on when there is a problem with the car's engine.

Meaning of the red car dashboard symbol on a Ford Taurus?

My dad says the light is the door ajar light. Turn on the car, and open and close all of the doors and trunk a few times while monitoring the light to see if it goes off. If it doesn't, then take it to a shop cause you have a problem with one of the switches.

What meaning does putting an exclamation mark after thank you have?

Putting an exclamation point after "thank you" conveys great enthusiasm in expressing thanks. The exclamation point should goes at the end of a sentence.

What does srs light on dashboard indicate rover n reg 214?

if the engine is running and the red srs light is on. it indicates that the airbag/bags are not working correctly. if the light is on then goes out when the ignition is on. they are functioning correctly

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It is sapnish. when you write an exclamation u do this: I'm hungry! goes to ¡ten go hambres!

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