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It means that he wants to know if he should ask someone out.

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that they really like you! they like you and if you gave them an answer that isn't them the only way out for them is to mock you. they must really like you!

sometimes it means that they like u or they like someone else.

It means their asking your opinion on something

Someone who asks a question

if a guy asks you a question (like what day is it?) he most likely fancies you. or if its someone who knows you don't like he may be doing it to annoy you.

Either it means he was getting info for someone else or thought he was hinting that you should ask him. It could also mean that he meant to but something in his life changed.

Basically, to hang around with the, a "gang" if you like. There are geek/nerd ones or like cool people

It should be "pas mal" which means, not bad.Usually a response if someone asks how you are doing.

They have identified themselves as someone who does not like you.Be thankful that the lesson was not more costly, and stay away from them and their "friends".

What does condense mean like if you reading a story and it asks you what does condense mean? What does condense mean like if you reading a story and it asks you what does condense mean?

to flash is to show someone your boobs or to show someone your snatch or penis

it probably means she likes you and you should say something to her

It mean that person is either being gross or they are asking you two things do you like me like I like you or are you going to us this as your screen saver.

it obviously mean they like u!

No, because what if the boy asks a guy and what if the girls asks a girl? So the answer is no, but it depends on how the person will look when asking the question.

When someone asks what you mean to them, tell them the truth. The other person would probably be hurt when they find out you lied to them. It's always worse in the end if lies are involved.

When someone asks the question, "What is the daily life like in this town?" They want to know what usually goes on day to day basis in the town, city, or place. It can have anything to do from: what the weather is like on a daily basis, all the way to: what the usual mood and niceness of the citizens are like on a daily basis.

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

It sounds like he's indicating that he is engaged to marry her and their marriage will take place soon.