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It means there is a problem in the transmission and you're not shifting into overdriver properly. Have your transmission serviced to find out what's wrong. You need to change the fuse if that dosent work then you have a short somewhere.

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Q: What does it mean when the od light is flashing on and off?
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What does a flashing OD off light mean on a ford mustang?

A malfunction has been detected

Why does OD light flashes on and off in your 1997 mountaineer?

od light flashing on 1997 mercury montoneer

What does it mean if the overdrive light flashes in your 2002 ford F350?

I have a 2002 F350 and my OD light came on, that was 3 transmissions ago... by default the fords are in OD, you have to turn it off when towing. Never tow without turning the OD off first. My experience was that the trans was burned up, and the light kept flashing, or You might be exceeding the speed for being in OD.

What does it mean when OD light flashes on Expedition?

A flashing overdrive light usually means there is a fault with the torque converter system.

How do you get the od light stop flashing?

The O/D off light flashing indicates that the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction - have the Explorer scanned for trouble codes in order to diagnose and repair the problem

What does the od off light mean on the dash?

it means the overdrive is not on.

Your od light is flashing on your 02 sport trac?

When the O/D OFF light flashes , that means the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction - get it checked out

What does the OD off light mean on your 2006 Scion XA?

"Over Drive Off"

What does it mean when the OD OFF light is blinking while OD is engaged?

There is a problem with the Overdrive. Seek professional help.

What is the od off light mean?

the over drive is off. On some cars, it stays on automatically and when you press a button , it will turn it off light up that light.

Your 2002 exepedition od light flashes but truck runs fine?

If your O/D off light is flashing in your gauge cluster that means the powertrain control module has detected a malfunction

What is OD off alarm in ls sable mercury?

The O/D OFF light in your dash indicates that the OVERDRIVE on your transaxle ( transmission ) has been switched off ( you don't mention which year this is , but if the light is flashing that would indicate that a problem has been detected )

Why is my car getting hot were my shifts are od light is on but my od is off what does that mean?

od light is the overdrive unit on the transmission. If you drive on the freeway you should have the overdrive unit on, on the streets the unit should be off. The light usually doesn't have anything to do with overheating. I would look for some other issue.

Your OD OFF light is flashing on your explorer 2002 and since this started it makes a weird noise when it passes gears the first time?

Take it to a profesional to diagnose / repair !!!!!

What is the od off light on your mercury mystique?

That's the overdrive off light

Ford Windstar 1999 OD light is flashing?

OD stands for Over Drive and it just means that your car is adjusting its actions to save money and gas.

What does od off mean?

overdrive off

Your 99 ford contour od off light is flashing?

it is happened to to my car and I replaced the transmission range sensor. it is located on the top of the transmission at the left side of the battery. good luck

What does it mean when the OD Off light is on in a 1984 Vovlo Wagon?

OD= Overdrive. There will be a switch to engage/disengage the OD located on the shifter, or on the console in close proximity to the shift lever. It should even have a marking on it.

Why '03 Ford Focus OD light on?

The od light means that the over-drive is off. Pushing the little button on the shifter selector will turn it on (when the dummy light is not on) and off (when the dummy light is lit).

1993 Ford Probe has the OD light flashing and a thump when it shifts between gears What is wrong with it?

pulse generator is bad

How do you get the overdrive light to stop flashing even when it is off?

You didn't state the make, model, or year of the car. On most newer model cars the transmission is computer controlled. A flashing OD light means there is a problem. Take the car to the dealer or to a good independent transmission shop. Avoid chain transmission shops.

When the OD OFF indicator is lit on the dash does that mean I'm in Overdrive or I need to press it to turn it off?

If the light says off then your overdrive is turned off, push the button again and the light will turn off and overdrive will be on again.

What does it mean when the overdrive light is on 1999 Dodge Dakota V8 truck?

OD is disabled.OD is disabled.

Have a 1998 Sable and the OD off light came on and then the check engine light came on and Now the OD light has gone off but the check engine light is still on and the rpms on the car fluctuate.?

have vehicle scanned to determine problem