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In the manual it states the 2nd gear start provides more traction when you are starting on ice or other slippery surfaces. The trans-axle will be in second gear when the vehicle begins to move. After starting in second gear, the vehicle will up-shift normally. This feature is only for improved traction only the road surface is slippery and is not intended for continuous use or when the vehicle is stuck in sand, mud, ice, snow or gravel. Press the switch to turn off the feature. Leave the switch off for normal road conditions. The switch is located on the driver's side, to the left of the steering column on the lower side of the dashboard you will notice a switch to turn the 2nd gear start on or off.

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Q: What does it mean when the second gear start indicator is on in your 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix?
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press button push down on gas peddle!

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Where is the second gear start switch located on my 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE?

On our 1995 Grand Prix, the second gear start is automatic in adverse road condtions (Ice, Snow & Rain) I was told that when the wheels spin, it enables the Second Gear Start to provide better traction and power to the drive wheels. on the left hand side of dash panel down at the bottom

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I have a 95 Pontiac grand prix and the second gear start light came do i turn off the second gear start?

Check low on the dash by the driver's left knee. There should be a button labeled as such to turn on and off this function of the transmission. It's for icy weather.

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Alternator fails to supply power.

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i had a fuel leak

Where do you start looking for your electrical problem in your Pontiac grand am 1994?

That all depends on the problem your having and grand ams are full of electrical problems.

Why would a 2001 pontiac grand am turn over but not start?

Check the 2001 Grand Ams crank shaft position sensor first. If the sensor is bad then the engine will not get fire or start.

Where is the egr valve on the 91 Pontiac Grand Am?

Would this cause the car not to start If the EGR VALVE is bad

How do i disable the anti theft system on my 1996 Pontiac grand?

I need to know how to bypass the anti theft system pass key on a 1997 Pontiac grand am. my car will start but goes dead. wont remain running

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The parking lights and dash lights are not working on a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Start small. Check your fuses.

How do you jump start a Pontiac Grand Prix?

with jumper cables..... once again im not a mechanic , this is just a guess.

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The car will start but it will run rough and will probably overheat and cause worse problems.

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most likely your battery is dead or you need a new starter.

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