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95 Monte Carlo's are equipped with GM Passkey II. A wire runs from the computer up to the ignition switch and back to the computer (The 2 wires run into the steering column inside an orange shroud. The wire measures resistance from a resistor in the key. If you have a loose connector or if the resistor on the key is worn down... the computer cannot read the correct resistance and thinks the car is being stolen. If the computer cannot read the resistance at startup, it will disable the starter and fuel injectors for three minutes. The easiest fix (although it disables this security feature) is to measure the resistance in your key (the little chip on the part of the key that goes into the ignition) using a multi-meter, then buy a resistor from radio shack of the same reistance; then hook the resistor to the two small wires in the orange shroud underneath the dash going into the steering column (leaving the wires coming out of the steering column dead). This way, the computer always reads the correct resistance. If you're worried about losing your security feature, you can also place a toggle switch on the wire to disconnect the resistor when needed. mine goes off for everything. when my alarm was triped, when my ABS is messed up, when there is anything wrong with my car other then oil, gas or the brake light. for me its the catch 22 light. if you recently got in a fender bender it can be a pinched or severed wire were you were hit. That is why my ABS was inop, after i fixed it the light finally stoped bugging me. hope that helps give you an idea were to look, my owner manual actually had some good info in it for once! Frank

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Q: What does it mean when the security light comes on in a 1995 Monte Carlo?
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What does it mean when security light comes on 2004 Monte Carlo?

i have a 2004 chevy monte carlo and the service engine soon light is on what does it mean?

How do you reset the security light on your 2002 Monte Carlo?

Why is a Red light blinking next to the cassette player in my 2001 Monte Carlo?

This is the light for your security system. Shows that it is working.

How do you take out the light rheostat on a 95 Monte Carlo?

How do you take a rheostat out of a 2003 monte carlo

Why wont my 1996 Monte Carlo start when the security light is on?

The security system shuts the whole car down so that it cant be stolen.

Your security light came on in your 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo how do you make it go off?

Sometimes you can reset the security light on a Monte Carlo. Open all the doors and then lock them and close them. Next, use the key to unlock the front driver's side door. If this doesn't work, the car should be taken to a mechanic who can diagnose the problem. When the security light goes on, it can mean something in the security system is failing.

Why would a security light come on in a 1995 Monte Carlo?

The light may turn on due to uncleanliness of the start key. For this reason, it must be cleaned.

What does it mean when security light turns on 1999 Monte Carlo z34?

you're breaking and entering!....... its suppose to but it goes off after a while.

How do you replace brake light switch in Chevy Monte Carlo?

Changing the brake light switch in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo is quite simple. The brake light switch simply plugs in and out.

How do you replace fog light bulb of Monte Carlo?

To replace fog light bulb of Monte Carlo you must remove the entire assembly. Replace the bulb that has been hindered and replace the assembly.

Cleaned start key for Monte Carlo and security light still on any other suggestions?

It could be you're alarm if you have one. Or it might also be that the sensor for the alti-theft isn't working. I have a remote starter in my 1996 Monte Carlo and they had to by-pass the alti-theft and that is why mine is on.

Where is the trunk light bulb located in a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo?

in the trunk

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