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What does it mean when there is a red star by my Pokemon where the pokerus symbol goes?



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The "red star" on the side of the Pokemon's pic on the summery shows that the Pokemon is a Shiny Pokemon (a Pokemon in a different color then its supposed to be eg. a green Espeon). When a Pokemon has POKERUS you can tell either by going to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon center or a mark above the Pokemon's summary pic. (the mark will be purple with white letters on it, PKRS).


It is possible for a Pokemon to have both the shiny and PokeRus condition as you will notice the red star mark is just above the place where you will see the PokeRus sign. The PokeRus sign, besides "the mark will be purple with white letters on it, PKRS", is also a face (like an emotion), seen just below the red star on the Pokemon's Summary screen.