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It means it is time to have your brakes checked.

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Q: What does it mean when there is a squeaky sound when you push the brakes?
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What does it mean when there is a Squeaky sound while driving but stops when you push the brakes?

squeaky sounds that go away when you push the breaks are most probably the indicators on your brake pads that squeak to let you know that they are getting worn out and need to be replaced soon also dirty brakes will chirp while driving, a thorough cleaning and lube of the proper parts usually cures this There are typically metal tabs on your brake pads that are meant to squeak when your pads start getting low. It is possible that is the cause of your squeak, check your pads, or have a mechanic check, as this is a good possibility, however not a definite.

When I drive my 1994 Toyota Camry I hear a squeaking noise in the left wheel and when I push the brake what could be the problem?

If there is a squeaky noise coming from any of your wheels and from pressing on the brakes, then I am supposing that there is something wrong with your brakes. From my past experiences with squeaky noises coming from my wheels, I got it checked out by a mechanic and he said that my brakes were worn out to the point where I was going to lose brake control in the wheels that were squeaking. I would suggest you get your squeaky wheel and brakes checked out by a mechanic. You might have to only change the brakes if its not too serious. I wish you the best of luck!

When you push on the brakes do all tires stop?

no, just the wheels the brakes apply to, usually the front brakes

When you push the brake pedal i hear noise?

Do you mean when you push the pedal " hard " you hear noise..........if so could be the ABS..........if not, then please have your brakes checked for safety.

The Brakes on my 1994 Toyota are soft. You can push almost all the way down. My pads shoes are good I just had my rotors turned. How do I adjust.?

sound to me like you have air in your brake lines try bleeding your brakes

Your Montero shakes when you push the brakes?

Warped rotors

Disc brakes shoes push which way?

Disc brake pads push in. they pinch the rotor

How do you test your bike brakes?

slowly push it along then pull the brakes, if it stops, THE BRAKES WORK!!! if it keeps going, THE BRAKES DON'T WORK!!! IT'S ROCKET SCIENCE!!!

Are the brakes of a 68 mustang supposed to be hard to push?

Compared to todays modern brake systems they will feel hard. Also depends on if they are power brakes or not. Some cars of that era did not have power brakes and they were very hard to push.

How do brakes on a car actually work?

simple hydrolics. You have a canistor (master cylinder) which holds the fluid. When you push on the pedal, The cylinder opens and pushes fluid to the brakes which push against a disc to slow the momentum

What do it mean when you push the brakes the car shake?

Rotor out of round or pads are grabbing for some reason most likely, possible bad wheel bearing as well. .

Why does a dodge shadow die when you hit the brakes?

cause you didnt push the clutch in

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